After years of interviewing the shapers of American culture ~ authors, futurists, theologians, filmmakers, musicians, philosophers, business leaders, educators, politicians, trend-watchers and others ~ Dick Staub is one of today’s most experienced and thoughtful observers of belief in contemporary culture.

Staub is particularly fascinated with America’s spiritual quest, which today is often unlinked from organized religion. Since the 1960’s he has participated in the vibrant conversation about “ideas that matter” and belief going on in today’s popular culture through movies, books, theatre and music.

“The Dick Staub Show” first appeared locally in Seattle at King Broadcasting (NBC affiliated) in 1987. In 1991 Staub moved to Chicago where he hosted a nationally syndicated, afternoon drive, radio talk show. His award winning signature interviews resulted in numerous honors including the Cardinal’s Award for excellence in broadcasting.

In 1999 Dick and some friends launched The Kindlings a relational movement seeking to rekindle the spiritual, intellectual and artistic legacy of Christians in culture. The Kindlings Muse are live events taped for podcast of “intelligent, imaginative, hospitable explorations of ideas that matter in contemporary life,” and originating from Hales Ales Brewery and Pub, University of Washington Burke Museum Cafe, Sundance Film Festival, International Arts Movement in NYC and more. Staub also hosts The Kindlings Hearth, intimate by-invitation weekend gatherings of professional artists, writers, filmmakers, actors and musicians all of whom are thoughtful creatives, for whom God is of central importance.  KindlingsFest is an annual festival of Faith Arts and Ideas held on Orcas Island each summer.

Staub is author of numerous articles and the books ”About You Fully Human. Fully Alive” (Jossey-Bass 2010) The Culturally Savvy Christian-A Manifesto for Deepening Faith and Enriching Popular Culture in an Age of Christianity-Lite (Jossey-Bass 2007),” “Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters” (Jossey-Bass 2005) and “Too Christian, Too Pagan” (Zondervan 2000) the thesis of which is that if you truly follow Jesus you will seem “too pagan for your Christian friends and too Christian for your pagan friends.”

Staub has served on the board of North Park University, Martin Marty’s Public Religion Project, Image (A Journal of Art, Faith & Mystery) and successfully spearheaded the campaign to convert C.S. Lewis home, The Kilns, to a year around study center. He is a frequent conference keynote speaker and has appeared on dozens of college and graduate school campuses in the US and abroad and has served as an adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University.

Since the 1960’s in S.F. where Staub made a personal, life-changing decision to follow Jesus, he has been concerned about the failure of most local churches to embody the life and teachings of Jesus as a loving, transforming presence in culture. Believing personal transformation happens in grassroots, local communities, in the summer of 2007 Dick decide to convert his concern for the local church into constructive action, joining a pastoral staff for the first time in 35 years. Orcas Island Community Church is a genuine community church ~ intergenerational, rich and poor, highly educated and self-educated, with 40+ denominations represented. OICC’s mission is to pursue God in the company of friends for the benefit of the world.

Staub graduated cum laud from Simpson University and Gordon-Conwell Seminary and his done additional graduate level coursework at Harvard Divinity School and University of Washington. His academic concentrations include Philosophy, Communications, Religion and Cultural History.

Dick is joyously married to Kathy with four kids (Josh, Jessica, Heidi and Molly) a granddaughter and grandson (Mia& Eli) a daughter-in-law (Bonnie) and a West Highland Terrier (Keltie)