Xmas Book Wish List

Every year around this time I’m asked to recommend book titles of this year’s guests as gift items. The following recommend some of my top picks, but the omission of a title does not mean I didn’t like the book (maybe that in my advancing years I can’t actually remember all of them!)

ALSO, since my concern is to listen to culture as well as faith and since I care about the quality of writing, my list tends towards NYT list over CBA (Christian Booksellers) lists.


Intruding on the Timeless, Meditations on Art, Faith and Mystery, by Gregory Wolfe

Messy Spirituality, Mike Yaconelli

Glimpses of Jesus, Brennan Manning

Surviving the Island of Grace: A Memoir of Alaska, Leslie Leyland Fields

A Fragile Stone, Michael Card

Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner

The Rebirth of Orthodoxy by Thomas Oden

The Middle of Everywhere, Mary Pipher

True Notebooks, Mark Salzman

Seattle and The Demons of Ambition, Fred Moody

How Children Raise Parents. Dan Allendar


This Known World by Edward Jones

Walking Into the Night by Olaf Olafssen

Old School, Tobias Wolfe

Drop City, TC Boyle

Bay of Souls, Robert Stone

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