WinterFest 2014: Dr. Craig Detweiler. “iGods. Living a Fully Human Life in a Mediated Age.”

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Join us on Orcas Island for our WinterFest lecture series with Dr. Craig Detweiler director of The Center for Entertainment, Media & Culture at Pepperdine University. Entertaining and Enlightening!
Friday, March 28 at 7 pm: ”The Apple of Our Eye”. How should we respond to the possibilities and temptations contained in our smart phones? Can we cultivate our call to create rather than merely consume?  
Saturday, March 29 at 9 am: Celtic Worship with Jeff Johnson and Wendy Goodwin.
10 am: “More than Metrics”.  In the online world, you are what you click. How do we get beyond the filter bubbles created by Google, Amazon, and Netflix to something deeper? What will it take for us to see ourselves and each other?
7 pm: “Our Social Selves”. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and YouTube, social media allows us to aggregate friends and followers into an audience. What does it mean to join an online community? How do we care for others in an age of digital discipleship?
Sunday, March 30 9:30 am: “Faith and the Telos of Technology”. Where is technology heading? From hip replacements to pacemakers to hearing aids, we’re all becoming cyborgs enhanced by technological upgrades.  How do the values of technological efficiency (fast, cheap, convenient) square with faith?
Admission is free; suggested donation of $80 for the weekend or $25 per session. All lectures will be held at the Orcas Island Community Church. CLICK HERE TO Register or call 376-6422 (M-F, 20-3) for more information.
 Dr. Craig Detweiler

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