Where is Dick Staub?

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Where is Dick Staub?

Regular readers of this blog/commentary have noticed a reduction in the number of postings since the summer and the more curious have emailed asking, “What the heck is going on?”

As in the case of reality most of the time, the answer is at once simple and complicated.

Dick and his family have moved to Orcas Island, Washington is the short answer.

The longer answer is slightly more nuanced.

Though we had vacationed off and on for twenty-five years on neighboring Lopez Island and though the warm summer climes would lead any sane person to considering permanent relocation in paradise–the beautiful landscape, Bald Eagles soaring overhead, seals and occasional orca whale sightings (if you’re lucky) would not be enough to lead us to a move here.

As a follower of Jesus I have always urged people to leave their comfort zones and follow God wherever he leads and I’ve tried to do it myself!

For some people that means a call to a foreign land, maybe to some Muslim country hostile to the gospel. For others it means a call to the inner city like our daughter Jessica who teaches in the Red Hook district of Brooklyn or our friends Rich, Anna, Erika and Doug who work in South Central LA, or Wayne and Anne who planted a church in Chicago’s rough and tumble Lawndale district.

For us the journey to Orcas began six years ago in a conversation with David McFadzean. David (co-creator of Home Improvement) critiqued an idea I had for a proposed nationally syndicated radio show.

“Dick,” he said, “you and I both know the electronic media has severe limitations. It does certain things well–entertain, inform, create awareness, BUT”, David went on to say, “in my experience, transformation happens local, grassroots, in community¢â‚¬¦in my experience real transformation happens through the local church!”

That conversation resulted in our creating The Kindlings Muse as local, live events podcast to extend our reach, but rooted with a local group of folks.

It also made me think about how the local church relates rekindling the spiritual, intellectual, creative legacy of Christians in culture.

In March Kathy and I felt compelled to sell our home. We figured we could be freed up for more ministry if we eliminated mortgage payment. We decided to sell our house and use the profit to pay cash for whatever we could afford.

Just a few weeks later I received an email from Grant, a regular reader who wanted to subscribe to this blog and who lives on Orcas Island and serves as Worship Pastor in a local church there. This began a miraculous series of events over the summer in which it became clear that my personal and professional involvement on the pastoral staff of a local church while continuing my work with The Kindlings was both God’s will AND the fruition of the seed planted by David McFadzean a few years ago.

In short, I received and accepted a call from the Orcas Island Community Church to serve them (as one of nine elders and one of three full-time staff) and to develop initiatives enabling them to better serve the highly educated and artistic population of Orcas Island, Washington. They also encouraged me to continue my writing and my work with CFC and The Kindlings.

I suspect over time this move will lead to more prolific and content rich blogging, but right now I am reorganizing life around an active Kindlings Muse schedule and regular preaching/pastoring and the adjustments of moving to an island.

Stay posted. More to come. For now–let me urge you to listen to God and follow God out of your comfort zone. Who knows what will happen next!
Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

PS. And remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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