Training Day

Alonzo Harris: Denzel Washington
Jake Hoyt: Ethan Hawke
Roger: Scott Glenn
Stan: Tom Berenger
Sammy: Snoop Dogg
Sandman’s Wife: Macy Gray
Warner Bros. Pictures presents a film directed by Antoine Fuqua. Written by David Ayer. Running time: 122 minutes. Rated R (for strong brutal violence, pervasive language, drug content and brief nudity).

Central Theme
The wages of sin is death and it is in the seductions and choices of everday life that who we are is revealed and the path we will take is established.

Every day, there is a war being waged on America’s inner city streets ¢€œ a war between residents, drug dealers and the people sworn to protect one from the other. This war has its casualties, none greater than L.A.P.D. Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris (DENZEL WASHINGTON), a 13-year veteran narcotics officer whose questionable methodology blurs the line between legality and corruption. His optimism has long since been chipped away by his tour of duty in the streets, where fighting crime by the book can get you killed, and getting the job done often requires Alonzo and his colleagues to break the laws they are empowered to enforce.

A gritty, realistic drama set in the morally ambiguous world of undercover police investigation, Training Day shadows Alonzo as he tests the resolve of idealistic rookie Jake Hoyt (ETHAN HAWKE), who has one day and one day only to prove himself to his fiercely charismatic superior. Over the next 24 hours, Jake will be pulled deeper and deeper into the ethical mire of Alonzo’s logic as both men put their lives and careers on the line to serve their conflicting notions of justice.

Training Day is a blistering action drama that asks the audience to decide what is necessary, what is heroic and what crosses the line in the harrowing gray zone of fighting urban crime. Does law-abiding law enforcement come at the expense of justice and public safety? If so, do we demand safe streets at any cost? Or do we risk our security by insisting that those empowered to protect us do so within the boundaries of the law?

At a time when police across the nation are battling a public image of rampant corruption, narcotics use, planting evidence and excess brutality while patrolling the meanest streets of America, Training Day paints a gripping and realistic portrait of the war taking place on the urban front lines ¢€œ and just how high the costs of this battle can be. — ‚© Warner Bros.

In this academy award-winning performance, Denzel Washington embodies evil incarnate and is the tempter trying to lead his underling off the path of ¢â‚¬Ëœrighteousness’ and into the ways of the wicked. He does so by appealing to Hoyt’s ambition to get ahead in his career and financially. This is a young man who starts the day willing to do anything to achieve his goals and by the end of the day sees his entire belief system shaken. The clarity of his moral code becomes clouded in just a day under the polluted mentorship of a man who says he started with a passion for justice and has now descended into a cesspool of crooked ways and relationships. You want desperately for good to prevail but you are sickened as you observe the intensity of evil and the crafty seductiveness of the evil one. Denzel who has spent most of his career playing nice guys, and whose personal life gives evidence of a solid faith, demonstrates here that he has a clear and intimate understanding of the evil one, which is perhaps, why he so tenaciously attempts to embrace a better way. When Denzell Washington first read the script he wrote across the cover, “the wages of sin is death.”

Beliefs num
–Alonzo believes to kill a wolf you must become a wolf and Hoyt doesn’t believe this.
–Alonzo believes he will decide what is good and bad in every situation-there is no higher authority or law.
–Alonzo believes this is the only way to operate in a corrupt world.
–You do have a choice and only you can make it.
–Sometimes making the right choice will not advance your career.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–To fight evil systems must you become evil?
–Can simple codes like right and wrong actually function in the real world of grays?
–Can good prevail over evil in a fallen and corrupt world?
–This is a movie about choices ¢€œ and it leaves the audience to make their own. It raises some really important questions: When it comes to fighting crime, is there one moral code or are there many? Which do we want more: effective police or police who follow the letter of the law? And can there be any compromise in between? (Producer Jeff Silver).

Provocative Quotes byline
–Everybody is telling you how lucky you are don’t screw it up.
==Jake’s wife as he leaves for training day.
–Today is training day. You’ve today and today only to tell me what you’re made of.
== Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris
–What re you man, a Jesus freak?
Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris when Jake turns down offer of drugs.
–We’re professional anglers. We go after the big fish.
== Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris on why they let the little crimes go.
–To protect the sheep you’ve got to kill the wolf and to kill the wolf, you’ve got to become a wolf.
== Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris on his philosophy pf fighting crime.
–You got the magic eye Hoyt. You up your street I.Q. and you’ll do some serious damage out here.
==Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris to Hoyt.
–You have to decide if you’re a sheep or a wolf, if you want to go to the grave or if you want to go home.
==Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris to rookie Jake Hoyt.
–Death is certain. Life is not.
==Tattoo on Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris arm.
–When you kill someone on duty, they’re your slave in the afterlife. Come on kid-start an entourage.
== Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris urging Hoyt to kill Roger.
–He ain’t no fool. He’s just a choir boy who got the drop on all of you.
== Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris
–You give me 18 months. I’ll give you a career.
== Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris empty promise to Hoyt.
–It can’t be like this. I became a cop to put away drug dealers and bad guys not to become one.
==Hawk to Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris
–I walk on higher paths. I can give you keys to all the doors.
== Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris tempting Hoyt.
–It is not what you know; it is what you can prove.
Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris double-dealing Hoyt.
–I’m not like you. You know what I learned today? I’m not like you.
==Hoyt to Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris.
–Our generation doesn’t have a Vietnam, and we don’t have any external wars, but the war we’re fighting is within ¢€œ it’s inside the very heart and core of America. In communities across the country, the police are fighting the people and vice versa. It’s an explosive situation and it’s something that urgently needs to be talked about.
==Director Antoine Fuqua

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