To order Dick Staub’s Book, Too Christian, Too Pagan, for only $10 (Retail $16.95)

We still have NEW copies of Dick’s classic book, “Too Christian, Too Pagan.”

They are available: ($)10 for the book and ($)3 for shipping and handling.

1) Enclose a check or money order for ($)13 payable to CRS Communications.

2) ) Include the name and mailing address you wish the book sent to and a daytime phone number in case we have questions regarding your order.

3) Mail to: CRS Communications, PO Box 77385, Seattle, WA 98177

4) If you want an autographed copy, indicate the name to whom the book should be signed.

5) Orders usually take about 14 days to fulfill.

Here’s what Publisher’s Weekly said about this important book. “Should Christians be engaged in, or disengaged from, their world? This is the prevailing question that Staub, president of the Center for Faith and Culture, asks Christians who are commanded by Jesus Christ to participate fully in the world without falling for its subtle, yet destructive charms. Staub insists that modern-day Christians frequently resist partaking in the culture around them because they are “too Christian” or fear being labeled “too pagan” by other followers of Christ. This attitude, Staub claims, rejects Christ’s edict to go into the world and share the Christian message. Masterfully told, Staub’s 25 readings weave biblical principles of loving others as oneself from within the confines of workplace, school, neighborhood and family. Staub challenges Christians to fearlessly enter their world of influence and meet those of different beliefs at a place of common understanding. Specifically, Staub encourages readers to go to the movies, read current literature, listen to the latest music craze, attend a co-worker’s party, check out a neighbor’s interests and then discerningly look for the theological truth within each form of communication so as to converse intelligently and with caring grace. With deepening intensity, Staub’s storytelling skill builds chapter by chapter until the dubious labels of either “too Christian” or “too pagan” are cast off in favor of a reckless love for a hurting world.”

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