The Force Is With You: Mystical Movie Messages That Inspire Our Lives

Hampton Roads

Stephen Simon, producer of Somewhere in Time, All the Right Moves, What Dreams May Come.

Central Theme
There are mystical messages to inspire our lives in many of today’s movies.

From the school of metaphysics and under the influence of Neale Donald Walsh, James Redfield and others, Stephen Simon believes we each create our own reality and that in today’s films the ¢â‚¬Ëœuniverse is communicating’ with us.

For those interested in seeing how the mind of a contemporary, humanistic, post-modern relativist works this is your chance. Simon has himself created a post-modern theological film, What Dreams May Come, and analyzes 75 other films through his lens.

Beliefs num
–There is no absolute truth.
–We each create our own reality.
–There is no ¢â‚¬Ëœexternal God,’ god is within each of us.
–There is no evil, but different sides of the same coin.
–Even what appears to be evil is created by us and has a purpose.
–A force in the universe itself sends us messages nudging us to evolve into the good race we yearn to be.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Is there absolute truth?
–Is saying there is no absolute truth, itself a declaration of an absolute truth?
–Do you believe we create our own reality?
–Is God external to us, within us, or both?
–Do you believe there is evil in the world? Evil deeds? An evil force in the universe? A personified evil (the devil)?

Provocative Quotes byline
–It is no accident that Confucius, the Buddha, and Jesus were all gifted storytellers. Today’s great storytellers are novelists, publishers, lyricists, musicians, screenwriters and filmmakers.
–We’re at a crossroads both in society and in our industry. There is such a yearning for meaning and hope in the world, for stories that challenge us to be our best, to lift up our hearts to the skies and encourage us to become the people we were born and have evolve to be.
–I do not believe that there can ever be a universal truth when it comes to matters of faith. For me, everyone is entitled to believe as he/she chooses, and I respect all these views as long as they are honoring of the essential sanctity and integrity of human life.
–Where I have a major problem is when I am told that I am wrong and that my beliefs are in violation of any ¢â‚¬Ëœtrue’ faith. It is precisely that kind of bigotry that has started most of the major conflagrations of history.
–Once any group thinks they are the only true believes, people usually die for holding other beliefs.
–Get back to your heart, Stephen. They guy who started off making ¢â‚¬ËœSomewhere in Time’ should not be making movies like ¢â‚¬ËœBody of Evidence.’
==Friend after bad opening of Body of Evidence.
–I share Stephen Simon’s belief that we live in a culture of diminished ethics and morality, but there are resources within us we know little about. In this engrossing book, Stephen shares his conviction illustrated by a wide variety of films he has chosen as examples, that by searching for the best within ourselves we can create a better society and a better world.
==Christopher Reeve

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