Staublog January 9, 2004

Welcome Culturally Savvy Christians!

Rich Mullins is one of my favorites because he so fully expressed the call of the artist in culture, alien from culture and ambassador to culture at the same time. Listen to this alien countercultural quote:

“I really struggle with American Christianity. People in America grow up in a culture that worships pleasure, leisure and influence. I think the church is doubly damned when it uses Jesus as a vehicle for achieving all of that. Many people believe that is you give a tithe to the church then God will make you rich. Why?¢â‚¬¦if you give a tithe, you get rid of ten percent of the root of all evil. You should be given ninety percent because God can handle money better than you can.” Rich Mullins,

¢â‚¬¢ I read this article about our Founding Father’s and it struck two chords. First, notice the phrase “the founders were hampered by the culture of their time.” Every generation of Christians must ask as did Rich Mullins: what is it about our culture that “hampers” me? Second, all the rhetoric about the “Christian heritage” of our nation has to take seriously this sorry condemnatory element of the Founder’s failure to act on Christian values.
Sorry Legacy of Founders

¢â‚¬¢ Did Britney’s and Madonna’s kiss on MTV affect twelve year old fans? Read this:
Girls Charge $5 to watch them kiss

¢â‚¬¢ This is a column on cultural integration not sports, but Pete Rose represents such a sad commentary on denial and the vagaries of American ethics and moral values that I could not resist including these two pieces.
Rose Doesn’t Get It
Rose Angry At Fan Reaction to Confession

¢â‚¬¢ USA Today asks, if life was fair at the Academy Awards, what films would be winners? American Splendor Is a surprising pick!
American Splendor: Best Picture, Best Actor?>
American Splendor CW Review

¢â‚¬¢ The Grand Canyon Controversy triggered by a “Young Earth Book” heats up some more. Grand Canyon Creationist Debate Chasm

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