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Lauren Winner (foto right) is on a spiritual journey from Judaism into Christianity and has been chronicling it honestly and well. Her “Girl Meets God” tells the refreshing tale. A few years ago she caused a major stir when she took on the issue of singles and sexuality in a piece she wrote for beliefnet titled “Sex and the Single Evangelical.” She wrote it while also serving in an editorial role at Christianity Today, and some referred to it derisively as the “evangelicals sleeping around” piece. I’ve posted the reactions in a Breakpoint editorial, and another from Gene Veith writing for WORLD Magazine to show the variety of reactions. Today you can also read an interview I taped last week about Lauren Winner’s newest book, Mudhouse Sabbath, in which she describes practices of Judaism that enrich her life as a Christian.

Lauren Winner: Mudhouse Sabbath Interview
Winner: Sex and the Single Evangelical
Breakpooint on Sex and the Single Evangelical
Veith on Sex and the Single Evangelical

I was also heartened to read the comments of an African American leader about the ways music videos affect young teens.
Videos Do Impact Kids

Ask what makes the biggest impact on kids and popular culture ranks right up there. Here’s a sobering quote from film producer David Puttman: “Far more than any other influences, more than school, more even than home my attitudes, dreams, preconceptions and pre-conditions for life had been irreversibly shaped five and a half thousand miles away in a place called Hollywood. British Producer of ‘Chariots of Fire.’

The latest issue in Frances “religious wear at school” controversy is¢â‚¬¦bandannas and the latest spin on Howard Dean’s “non-concession speech” in Iowa is that he went bananas!
Religious Bandanas
Dean Goes Bananas

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