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What does it mean when fashion designers imitate movies and real people wear “period piece costumes?” We may find out now that Hobbit Wear (foto right) has hit the fashion scene:
HobbitWear:New Fashion

Mel Gibson’s Passion has gone from no distribution to a major 2000 screen roll out. Are you surprised?
Big Opening for Gibson’s Passion

What is the significance of the feeding frenzy over Michael Jackson’s “awful story?” What thirst in us is being quenched?
“The Jackson story is an awful story, (that does wonders for his show’s ratings). Every time something major happens with Michael Jackson, people can’t get enough of it. They need their thirst quenched.” Rob Silverstein
Media Thrill to Michael Jackson

The teenage cheerleader who fell to her death from a Hawaii hotel balcony, had alcohol in her system, was naked, and fell from a room in an adjacent hotel occupied by two teenage boys she had just met. She called the chaperone for her field trip at 1:30AM to say she would be coming to her room soon. Some people say drinking and sex is normal for high-school teens. As a father of three daughters and one son, I say these elements mean this loss of life was totally avoidable.
Cheerleader Dead: High School Trip, Booze and Boys

Speaking of totally. It is how e Spears describes her commitment to the sanctity of marriage!
Britney On Sanctity of Marriage: Totally

Speaking of total commitment. What about respected scientist Paul Davie’s suggestion about the necessity of a one way trip to Mars?
Life (and Death) on Mars

Some Afghani Muslims are outraged that TV recently featured women singing. They say God and Mohamed forbid such behavior (ie. women singing). How is this different from Christians quoting the Bible as the source of restrictions that modern humans deem unreasonable?
Afghani Culture Clash: Women Sing on TV

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