Staublog January 12, 2004

“I feel I am closest to God when writing. You’re singing praises. You’re describing the world, as it is. And even if the passages turn out sordid or depressing, there’s something holy about the truth.” John Updike.

Hello fellow Culturewatcher!: Today our theme seems to be truth and the lack thereof.

Raymond Carver (foto right) was known for his dark stories, but his son wants to tell the rest of the story:
Carver’s Son: The Rest of the Story

Rappers are working on their image and critics ask if it is marketing or heart-felt? Who can know in the days of spin?
Rappers Sweeten Image

60 Minutes crossed a journalistic line with it’s Michael Jackson story and these ethicists sound like this is a new phenomena!
Jackson Tarnishes 60 Minutes?

Michael Medved bemoans the way Vigo has dragged LOTR into politics.
Medved and Vigo’s LOTR Politics

“Monster” scores big with critics, but the release of a documentary reveals a lack of “truth-telling.”
Monster Review

Is the sex and violence in the Soprano’s essential for the storyline or does it bring in viewers?
Sopranos is Back

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