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In the book I am currently writing, I deal with the rising influence of popular culture, the decreasing influence of the church and the impact this combination is having on the next generation. One young woman read about my new project and sent me this e-mail about the bestselling Da Vinci Code (foto right).

“I’m a little older than the Next generation, but increasingly feel the need to “get my act together” as far as my beliefs. I got into this conversation with this guy I met at church about the book; The DaVinci Code, and just about fell off my chair when he told me he agreed with the author and didn’t believe in the Virgin Birth. He went on to say that he believed that Jesus was probably a great prophet, but not the Son of God, and even though he realized this was not in line with mainline evangelical thinking, he felt comfortable with his beliefs, etc. I realized last Sunday, that I really was not prepared in any way to even begin to intelligently talk or debate with this guy, so it was a wake up call for me. If I would have met him on the street, I would have expected it, but to hear it in the church, just threw me for a loop.” If you want to read a good analysis of the Da Vinci Code, I like Deciphering the Da Vinci Code

¢â‚¬¢ This generation has been traumatized by divorce. Read an interesting article about Pastors who are tightening their standards for performing weddings. They’re referred to as Ministers who say I Don’t!

¢â‚¬¢¢â‚¬¢Two unrelated pieces show the status of arranged marriages. A WSJ piece deals with how western values are changing India’s arranged marriages. Nisha, 25 says, “What my parents want is simple: it’s for me to get married, but marriage and me will never mix.” She thinks her family is stuck in an outdated India of arranged marriages, excessive deference and rigid notions of fate. Then there is the frightening article about polygamy in Arizona . Please understand, (Indian friends especially) I am not saying India’s practice and those of polygamists are the same, but both demonstrate how the broader culture affects the decisions young people are making about their heritage and traditions.

¢â‚¬¢¢â‚¬¢¢â‚¬¢ Christian College attendance is on the rise. Overall this is a good thing, these are schools where you can deal with spiritual stuff.

¢â‚¬¢¢â‚¬¢¢â‚¬¢¢â‚¬¢ Finally, here is your 2004 Oscar Nominee List

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