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Joy to the World the Lord has come (and so has the end of the year!)

2006 saw major breakthroughs in The Center for Faith and Culture’s (host of quest to rekindle the spiritual, intellectual and creative legacy of next-generation Christians in culture:

1) We launched “The Kindlings Muse” (See description at the end of this column)* as a live show at Hales Les Brewery and Pub and as a podcast (Listen today!)
2) We launched “The Kindlings Hearth,” a by-invitation retreat for “kindlings,” devoutly Christian, thoughtful creatives making a difference in culture today.
3) We transitioned from an all volunteer organization to a small staff of three people.

2007 offers extraordinary new opportunities, including:

1) “The Kindlings Muse” on the road @ Sundance Film Festival (Windrider Forum)
2) A new CS Lewis show (The Kindlings Muse @ The CS Lewis Center)
3) Testing The Kindlings Muse @ Experience Music Project.
4) An intensive 4-week “next generation” faith & culture camp.

Our work is needed now more than ever. The subtitle of my next book (April 2007), The Culturally Savvy Christian lays out our themes: A Manifesto for Deepening Faith and Enriching Popular Culture in an Age of Christianity-Lite. A myriad of recent studies show the next generation is leaving church in unparalleled numbers. Why? Often it is because they cannot satisfy their deepest longings in today’s superficial popular culture, nor in what is too often a superficial Christianity. Created in God’s image with spiritual, intellectual, creative, relational & moral capacities, our children and grandchildren deserve more than we’ve passed on to them.

You play an important role in our work. Year-end contributions are essential to finishing this year strong and laying the groundwork for next year’s ventures. None of this is possible without your prayers and financial support.

Please mail your year-end contribution now (to: The Center for Faith and Culture, PO Box 77385, Seattle, Washington 98177) or simply click the contribute button below and make your donation via paypal.

If you believe in our work to rekindle the spiritual, intellectual and creative legacy of next-generation Christians in culture, please do what you can today!

In the past readers of have contributed amounts large and small from ($)5 to ($)5,000.

It is not too late to make your year-end, 2006 tax-deductible donation. Any envelopes postmarked December 31, 2006 or earlier with checks dated December 2006 will be credited in 2006! (Please disregard this notice if you’ve already mailed your year-end 2006 donation!)

With just a few days until December 31st, here is a quick progress report and a reminder to send in your tax-deductible contribution if you have not already done so! We entered December needing ($)50,000 in contributions. As of December 28 As of today we’ve received ($)30,455! Just ($)19,455 to go to meet our year-end miracle goal!

We’re over halfway towards our goal of ($) 50,000 on donations by December 31st, 2006! Your gift can help us meet our year-end obligations, expand our services in 2007 and:

¢â‚¬¢ Continue The Kindlings Muse live each week @ Hales Ales and Brewery.
¢â‚¬¢ Take The Kindlings Muse on the road to the Sundance Film Festival with the Windrider Forum.
¢â‚¬¢ Launch The Kindlings Muse at the CS Lewis Center.
¢â‚¬¢ Launch the intensive 4-week “next generation” faith & culture camp.
¢â‚¬¢ Launch a national media/speaking tour to advocate spiritual/cultural transformation as presented in my new book The Culturally Savvy Christian.

None of this will be possible without your prayers and financial support.

This web site is supported solely by tax-deductible donations. Please mail your generous contributions to: The Center for Faith and Culture, PO Box 77385, Seattle, Washington 98177

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

* “The Kindlings Muse” (TKM) (visit: ) An intelligent, imaginative, hospitable exploration of ideas that matter in contemporary life originating from Hale’s Ales Pub and Brewery

Kindling: material to light a fire; to produce warmth & an illuminating glow.
Muse: to spark creative thought; engage in meditation; consider thoughtfully.

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