Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

Gregorio Cortez: Antonio Banderas
Ingrid Cortez: Carla Gugino
Carmen Cortez: Alexa Vega
Juni Cortez: Daryl Sabara
Romero: Steve Buscemi
Machete: Danny Trejo
Felix Gumm: Cheech Marin
Gary Giggles: Matthew O’Leary
Gerti Giggles: Emily Osment
Dimension Films presents a film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. Running time: 86 minutes. Rated PG (for action sequences and brief rude humor).

Central Theme
Once again Spy Kids is about the centrality of family and the willingness to sacrifice anything for the good of the family.

We’re back in the colorful and enchanting world Rodriguez created for the original Spy Kids. After Carmen and Juni kind-of-botch an effort to save the President’s daughter, Gary and Gertie Giggles have displaced the Cortez kids as chief Spy Kids. The Giggle’s father has also managed to beat out Gregorio Cortez for the top spot at OSS.

The President of the US commissions the Giggles to find the Transmooger, a device that can shut down all the world’s power. Learning that Mr. Giggles plans to use the device to take over the world, Juni and Carmen hurry to the island where the Transmooger is hidden so they can find it and keep it from Giggles. They are greeted by Romero, an eccentric scientist whose experiments have gone wrong but whose heart is in the right place.

The kid’s adventure is complicated by a menagerie of genetically designed animals and the arrival of the ever-competitive Giggles kids. Plus, despite the fact that the kids want to prove they can handle this assignment on their own, mom and dad Cortez are eager to rescue their kids from danger and their attempt is complicated by Ingrid’s parent’s offer of assistance.

By the time we’re finished the kids recognize they need the parents, the parents acknowledge the importance of grandma and grandpa and a pre-occupied President finally starts communicating with his daughter.

Once again, family is given top billing in this family friendly film crafted by one of the most imaginative family men in the business, Robert Rodriguez.

Beliefs num
–Sons always need their fathers.
–Families need rules.
–Parents need to communicate with their kids no matter how busy they are.
–The stakes are highest when family is involved.
–Family is sacrifice.
–Creators need not fear their creation.
–Grandparents are important too.
–Relationships are more important than careers.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Is family most important?
–Why is it a sacrifice to be a family?
–Why don’t parents and kids communicate?
–What can a kid do if she wants her parents attention and can’t get it?

Provocative Quotes byline
–He was my father before he was President of the United States.
==Presidents daughter hungering for communication with her dad.
–The thing is you and your father need to have a talk.
==Rescuer Juni Cortez.
–Interesting, but he can never ever replace me.
==Dad Cortez to Juni in reference to his mechanized personal assistant.
–Family rules, you have to ask my dad if you want to dance with my sister.
==Juni to Gary.
–Doesn’t it bother you that we never got their full blessing?
==Ingrid to Gregario.
–God’s creatures on a manageable scale. Romero’s zoo.
==Romero about his miniature zoo animals.
–Why do they despise me so? I created them. Do you think God stays in heaven because he too fears what he has created?
–Romero to the Cortez kids.
–A good spy makes no binding commitments to family or friends.
==Gary quotes the spy manual to Juni.
–We wanted to help get our grandchildren back.
==Grandpa and Grandma on why they came along.
–This time we have more to lose if you fail. Carmen and Juni.
==Grandparents on why he stakes are so high on this mission.
–Tell him you need to talk to him. Tell him it’s not an emergency but someday it might be.
==Juni tells Presidents daughter how to talk to her dad.
–Family is sacrifice.
==Carmen and Juni.
–How do you even know what is right?
==Gertie Giggle asks Carmen, who tells her she will know when the time comes.
–Always take this with you wherever you go and I will be there.
==Grandpa’s homing device which he gives to Juni.
–I’ll always need you.
==Juni thanking dad for saving him.
–Just wait until I tell mom you tried to take over the world again!
==Gertie to her failed dad.
–Because you are my family.
==Gregoria explaining to his mother-in-law why he saved her.
–There isn’t a man on the earth who would be good enough for our daughter, but you come pretty close.
==Mother-in-law to Gergorio.
–I’ve seen what it takes to be a top spy. I can be of better use to the world by just being me.
==Juni on why he doesn’t want to be a spy anymore.

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