Something’s Gotta Give

Harry Sanborn: Jack Nicholson
Erica Barry: Diane Keaton
Marin Barry: Amanda Peet
Julian Mercer: Keanu Reeves
Aunt Zoe: Frances McDormand
Leo: Jon Favreau

Columbia Pictures presents a film written and directed by Nancy Meyers. Running time: 124 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for sexual content, brief nudity and strong language).

Central Theme
Men and women are made for loving, intimate, committed relationships; accept no substitutes.

Academy Award‚® winners Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Frances McDormand star with Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet in a sophisticated romantic comedy from writer/director Nancy Meyers (What Women Want, The Parent Trap), which proves that in matters of the heart, you can expect the unexpected.

Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) is a perennial playboy with a libido much younger than his years. During what was to have been a romantic weekend with his latest infatuation, Marin (Amanda Peet), at her mother’s Hamptons beach house, Harry develops chest pains. He winds up being nursed by Marin’s reluctant mother, Erica Barry (Diane Keaton) — a successful, divorced New York playwright. In the process, Harry develops more heart pangs — the romantic kind — for Erica, an age appropriate woman whom he finds beguiling.

However, some habits die hard. When Harry hesitates, his charming thirty-something doctor (Keanu Reeves) steps in and starts to pursue Erica. And Harry, who has always had the world on a string, finds his life unraveling.‚© Sony.

Harry and Erica are both successful career people who have managed to distance themselves from the pain of relationships, Harry through a series of flings with younger women, Erica through obsession with her writing. As the story unfolds they begin to sense they are “soul mates” and each becomes vulnerable, claiming that something is happening that has never happened before. The resulting transformation brings both to a willingness to risk, because the potential pain is outweighed by the promise of a richer, fuller life.

The story functions as a manifesto FOR committed relationships and as a sad commentary on the pain inflicted by physical intimacy without relationship, and on the consequences of impermanence resulting from divorce. It also explores the fears and possibilities of ageing, especially in light of Harry’s “brush with immortality.” Harry is a man of great insights and complete obtuseness at the same time.

Beliefs num
–Fate rules our lives.
–There are no accidents.
–Somewhere out there is your soul mate.
–Physical intimacy without emotional commitment is a cop-out and a defense mechanism

Questions Worth Discussing num
–What are the artistic merits of this film?
–What elements common to human experience did you resonate with in this film?
–What elements in word, deed, theme or behavior created a dissonance with who you are or want to be spiritually?
–What does this film tell us about who God is? Who humans are? What we are seeking in life?
–What place does fate play in our life?
–Is there a soul mate out there for each person?
–What is the impact of physical intimacy without relational commitment?

Provocative Quotes byline
–Some say I’m an expert on the younger woman… since I’ve been dating them for 40 years.
–Boys lie,
==Message on feminist Aunt Zoe’s T-shirt.
–What does it mean, he owns ten different companies? He can’t commit.
==Erica interpreting Harry’s success.
–Even unconscious he’s a lech.
==Erica on Harry’s behavior in the hospital gown.
–You know what Freud said. There are no accidents.
–You know I’ve never seen a woman that age naked¢â‚¬¦we’re not all Doctors Julian.
–After a heart attack the rule of thumb is¢â‚¬¦if you can climb a fliught of stairs¢â‚¬¦you can have sex,
==Julian to Harry.
–The truth is it goes b y fast doesn’t it?
==Erica to Harry about looking back on life.
–Like a blink of an eye.
==Harry back to Erica.
–Like to travel light.
==Harry explains why he dates younger women and won’t commit.
–Everybody is out but old¢â‚¬¦old¢â‚¬¦old¢â‚¬¦old¢â‚¬¦old Harry.
==Harry lonely on a Friday night.
–When something happens that has never happened before don’t you at least want to find out what it is?
==Harry to Erica.
–I can’t decide whether you hate me or you’re the only guy who really gets me.
–I don’t hate you.
–He’s soulful when you don’t expect it.
==Marin to mom.
–Our fate is to be friends.
==Harry to Marin.
–I figured I was sort of closed up for business.
–Erica you know I’m not good at being monogamous, right?
==Erica after having sex with Harry.
–I don’t know how to do this¢â‚¬¦be intimate without being intimate.
==Erica to Harry.
–At one point I even thought¢â‚¬¦soul mates.
==Harry reflecting on the evening with Erica.
–I’d like to try sleeping with you.
==Harry, who never sleeps with flings, to Erica.
–Erica. You are a woman to love.
==What does that mean?
–I love yah. You’re not like anybody.
==Harry to Erica.
–This is why I date the wrong guys. The wrong guy can’t get me unglued like this.
–Here’s the thing. I really like you¢â‚¬¦I love you like you.
–I have never lied to you¢â‚¬¦I’ve always told some version of the truth.
–Do you know what this is? This is heartbreak.
==Erica to Harry after seeing him at restaurant with a young woman.
–I miss y¢â‚¬¦
==Harry can’t finish this instant message sentence to Erica.
–You don’t really believe that stuff you say do you? You can’t outwit getting hurt.
–I let someone in and had the time of my life.
==Erica to Marin about love.
–Schmucks are people too you know.
–Erica, they’re ready to do the hospital ¢â‚¬Ëœdo you take Viagra’ scene.
==Assistant to Erica.
–Why is it that you broads want all or nothing?
–I want you to think of a visual image that gives you a feeling of peace and serenity.
==Doctor to Harry in ER.
–I realized I was giving closure to a generation of women.
==Harry who has gone back to seek peace with the women he bedded.
–To the forces of destiny that brought the three of us together.
==Julian in Paris.
–If that’s true my life just got made.
==Harry in Paris about Julian’s observation.
–I finally got what t is all about. I’m 63 years old and I’m in love for the first time in my life.
–You’ve got to learn how to fall before you learn how to fly.
==Paul Simon lyrics.
–Harry, shocked by his sudden brush with mortality, finds that for the first time in his life he needs someone he can actually talk with in the middle of the night.
==Roger Ebert.

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