This amazing letter to the editor appeared in our local Orcas Island paper. It is from a woman I do not know about a young man our church helped in rather basic ways. I was fascinated by her choice of words “saved a life.” I like it. When I was a kid being “saved” was used very narrowly and referred to whether or not an individual had personally received Jesus Christ. This is how the word is used on the satirical movie “Saved” which tells the story of a group of people who say they are “Saved” (In the religious sense of the word), but show no evidence if it, and a group of people who don’t claim to be “saved”, but act like it in their loving ways. My book About You is an attempt to show that being “Saved” really refers to the restoration of our spiritual, intellectual, creative, moral and relational capacities. Becoming fully human is the evidence of this “salvation,” and everybody yearns for it because we all know we are less then we could and should be. The letter to the editor captured this broader sense.

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