Saturday Morning After

Saturday after the elections and the crazies are out:

1) Numerous pundits are now saying the “moral values” question was “poorly worded,” a safe route to take given the fact that it is impossible to go back and ask the “exitees” what they meant when they said it was their top issue.

2) Arlen Specter demonstrated his legendary arrogance, and this time political stupidity as well, by raising pro-lifer’s ire with an ill-timed comment about whom President Bush ought to send up for judicial appointments.

3) In the Specter affair, evangelical advocacy groups, hungry as they are for political power (a misplaced appetite given Jesus’ priority on the Kingdom of God and a deeper spiritual power), are acting like 13-year-olds behind the wheel of a Humvee they don’t know how to drive it but they just got the keys. Their eagerness to take almost the entire credit for Bush’s win could hurt them and Bush. Even if they were right and Bush’s entire election hinged on them it would be politically short-sighted and naƒ¯ve for them to start throwing their new weight around.

4) Hollywood types, having not paid attention to flagging box offices for their more rancid product offerings, are now apparently shocked to learn that the rest of the country is not like them and in many cases does not LIKE them, “The Guru’s if what’s in wonder if they’re out of touch?”

5) New young voters are proving to be smarter than the dumb people who thought they could be manipulated by promotional appearances by people like Paris Hilton, who herself did not register to vote, and is transparently clueless. I like what Allissa Quart said in “They’re not buying it”: voting comes from a deeper place.

6) Some are arguing that the left needs to get religion, with Nicholas Kristof getting in the front of the line to pontificate on this point. Problematically, Kristof’s recent columns on evangelicals reveal either his ignorance or obtuseness to who what evangelicals believe OR a derisive dismissiveness not soon to be forgotten b y evangelicals (and this may be a shock to some in the elite press: many of them do read!).

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

PS. And remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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