Panic Room

Meg Altman: Jodie Foster
Sarah Altman: Kristen Stewart
Burnham: Forest Whitaker
Junior: Jared Leto
Raoul: Dwight Yoakam
Stephen: Patrick Bauchau
Evan: Ian Buchanan
Lydia Lynch: Ann Magnuson
Columbia Pictures presents a film directed by David Fincher. Rated R (for violence and language).

Central Theme
Primal fear and the threat of intruders can release a strength and resourcefulness an individual may not know she possesses.

The recently divorced Meg and her daughter Sarah move into a very cool ‘townstone’ (cross between a brownstone and a townhouse), which comes complete with a panic room. The panic room provides the ultimate protection from intruders, with surveillance cameras, a separate phone system, survival supplies and impenetrable walls and door. Unbeknownst to Meg it also contains a hidden safe containing millions of dollars in bonds hidden there by the previous, and deceased, occupant. Unfortunately, a security installation expert and a caretaker of the former occupant are aware of the whereabouts of this loot and have teamed up with a violent and unpredictable partner. They want the stash, and Meg and Sarah want to stay in the panic room, safe and secure from these intruders. Unfortunately, Sarah is a diabetic and needs food or an injection, and Meg suffers from claustrophobia. Something’s got to give. The suspense mounts as mom and daughter discover a resilience and strength to carry them through the trauma together. Burnham draws audience sympathy as a decent, non-violent criminal, who needs the money to keep his own family together. Some ingenious camera work and very cool 3-D credits make this suspense builder and psychological thriller even more watch-able.

Beliefs num
–Something wicked this way comes.
–When it comes to protection, two are better than one — we all need somebody to lean on.
–Watching MacGyver reruns might come in handy after all.
–Decent people can do really bad things, and bad people can, on occasion, do decent things.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Given our universal fear of intruders, why are so many of us attracted to stories that feature them?
–Is there really a room that can keep you safe from intruders?
–Do you feel the crisis of an intrusion would bring out the best in you or total panic?
–Do you believe the words, ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me?’ (23rd Psalm)

Provocative Quotes byline
–This whole thing makes me nervous. Ever read any Poe?
==Meg, to leasing agent after learning about panic room
–It’s disgusting how much I love you.
==Meg, to daughter, Sarah
–Way to go, MacGyver!
==Sarah, to her mother, Meg, after she pulls an ingenious stunt
==Sarah to Meg, when asked where she learned morse code.
–He won’t help, mom.
==Sarah to Meg, when Meg gets an emergency call out to her ex-husband
–I can’t go to prison. I’m not built for that kind of s – – t.
–I spent the last 12 years of my life building rooms like this, specifically to keep out people like us.
==Burnham, to his co-conspirators on why this is a tough job
–Wish I could have put my kids in a safe place like this. Cause sometimes things just don’t work out.
==Burnham, about the safe room

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