Milestones: 50 Events of the 20th Century That Shaped Evangelicals in America

Broadman & Holman

Steve Rabey & Monte Unger

Central Theme
Evangelicalism has been shaped by and has shaped the 20th century and learning the lessons of this past will affect the ability of evangelicals in the 21st century.

Once you set aside some personal concerns about evangelicals pre-occupation this book is a pleasurable romp through the people, events and movements that formed the context of the birth and evolution of evangelicals in the 20th century.

Beliefs num
–People who have been influential in evangelicalism include C.S Lewis, Amy Grant, Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Carter, Francis Schaeffer James Dobson, Bill Bright, Charles Colson, Bill Hybels and, of course, Billy Graham.
–Significant events include: World War II and the Holocaust, the Scopes trial, televangelist scandals and Roe vs. Wade.
–Major movements were: fundamentalism, the sexual revolution, the women’s movement, charismatic movement, the Jesus movement, and the religious right.
–Evangelicals have both embraced and rejected popular culture with various attacks on Hollywood, the emergence of Christian Broadcasting and CCM.
–And diverse parachurch movements have emerged involving youth, Christian schools and home schooling, missions, men’s movements (PK) and mass evangelism.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–What do you think has shaped evangelicalism most in the 20th century?
–Is evangelicalism primarily a shaper of the culture or reactive to culture?
–How have these milestones affected you personally?

Provocative Quotes byline
–I don’t know any more about theology than a jackrabbit knows about Ping-Pong, but I’m on my way to glory.
==Fundamentalist Billy Sunday.
–The true, the real problem we are in, my dear friends, consists quite simply in the fact that man is as he is and cannot make himself any different. He is the cause of his own trouble. He suffers from himself. Man is a fallen perverted being.
–Karl Barth, commentary on Romans.

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