K-19: The Widowmaker

Capt. Vostrikov: Harrison Ford
Capt. Polenin: Liam Neeson
Vadim Radtchenko: Peter Sarsgaard
Loktev: Christian Camargo
Paramount Pictures presents a film directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Written by Christopher Kyle, based on a story by Louis Nowra. Running time: 138 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for disturbing images).

Central Theme
People sacrifice not for medals but because it is their duty to their comrades.

Based on a true cold-war incident that took place in 1961. Trying to create a credible deterrence to US military supremacy with it’s new Washington class subs and Polaris missiles, Russia commissioned the building of a new class of nuclear submarine and sent it to fire a test missile in the Arctic. In the rush to complete the ship and meet an unreasonable deadline, mistakes were made and there were serious questions regarding the readiness of the sub for its stated mission. Having raised these issues with his command, the captain was asked to stand down and was replaced with a battle worn commander who drove the crew and craft to the point of breaking. Faulty nuclear installation and an inexperienced nuclear commander resulted in a life-threatening situation exposing the crew to unacceptably high levels of radiation. As a US battleship came upon the crippled pride of the Russian fleet, the captain is left with an impossible choice-abandon the ship to save the men or lose the men and keep the ship from entering the enemy’s hands.

Beliefs num
–Heroes are made not born.
–Crisis brings out the best and worst in humans.
–Submitting to authority is the key to leadership.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–What do we know of duty today?
–Do you think your best or worst comes out in a crisis?
–Why do heroes risk sacrificing their lives?

Provocative Quotes byline
–We deliver or we drown.
==Capt. Vostrikov to Capt. Polenin.
–No sailors have been given such a boat as K-19. She is the finest boat in the world. Much is expected of us. We will not fail.
==Capt. Vostrikov to crew at departure.
–He is qualified or command would not have sent him.
== Capt. Vostrikov when given an inexperienced nuclear commander.
–You know what the men are calling the ship? The widowmaker. Ten men dead and we haven’t left port yet.
==Capt. Polenin
–The crew is family and the captain is the father.
==Capt. Polenin.
–Religious icons are forbidden. This is the future.
==Nuclear commander to religious crew member.
–I will go in the first team.
==Religious crewman when facing exposure to radiation.
–May God be with you.
== Capt. Vostrikov to team entering reactor area.
–He did it. He turned himself into a hero.
==Capt. Vostrikov as radiation commander enters the radiation area.
–Because what they did was wrong.
==Capt. Polenin to Capt. Vostrikov explaining his attitude about the insurrection on board.
–These men sacrificed their lives not for medals but because it was their duty, not to the state but to their comrades.
== Capt. Vostrikov at the memorial service in 1989.

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