June 2005 Staublogs

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Movies: Our Shared Religion?

A Young Man Quietly Shed a Tear.

Dar al-Bayan bookstore. America is the new Iraq.

The Poor: Bono, Buffett, Christianity & Yahweh

False gods many: wood, stone, electronic.

Chimp & Soap Art. Wordsworth and “The Kilns”

This Artist Plays Real Good for Free

Star WARS. Jedi Wisdom, Father’s Day: Love Your Father.

Berryman’s “The Hunt,” Brooks and the Quest for Middlebrow.

Celebrity Meltdown

One of My Yodas Died this Week

Seattle’s Taproot Theatre Needs Prayer

Spamalot, Lamb’s Church and St. Patricks Cathedral

NYC. Pizza. CMA. Where is the Love?

The Fool Has Said

I See Dead People

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