In The Bedroom

Matt Fowler: Tom Wilkinson
Ruth Fowler: Sissy Spacek
Frank Fowler: Nick Stahl
Strout: William Mapother
Natalie: Marisa Tomei
Miramax presents a film directed by Todd Field. Written by Robert Fetsinger and Field, based on a short story by Andre Dubus. Running time: 130 minutes. Rating R. Some violence and language.

Central Theme
A sobering and memorable film, reminding the viewer that beneath the placid surface of most humans is a relational and moral complexity that reveals itself in just a few pivotal decisions that will change life’s course irrevocably.

Frank is a promising young New Englander bound for graduate school when he becomes enmeshed in a relationship with a not-yet-divorced woman with two kids and an estranged, abusive husband unwilling to admit the marriage is over. With Frank’s new romance, Ivy League seems less alluring and the simplicity of his grandfather’s life on a Maine lobster boats seems attractive. His dad, Matt, seems amused by his son’s romance but Ruth, his mom, actively seeks to assure that her son is not bumped off a promising career and personal trajectory by what she sees as a pointless relationship.

When tragedy strikes, the entire complex of relationships is strained to the breaking point by irretrievable words and unimaginable actions. Based on Catholic writer Andre Dubus story, Killings, the story probes the themes of adultery, guilt, forgiveness and revenge, all set in a Thomas Hardy-like backdrop of relentless, hopeless human tragedy.

Beliefs num
–Love will find a way, and then suddenly it doesn’t.
–The human soul is the source of light and love, darkness and hate and they often coexist in undefined regions of the same human.
–The outward appearance of an individual in relationship is likely to bear little resemblance to what is actually happening in the heart, soul and mind.
–Secrets not spoken or resolved (hurt, sadness, anger, blame) may grow to lethality.
–An intimate relationship can be like a lobster trap, easier to enter than to leave and the source of hurt and injury beyond imagination.
–Such a relationship can drive us to entertain thoughts, words and actions otherwise outside the scope of our capability.
–It is not a simple matter to know why we seek revenge at our own peril.
–The differences between men and women are a great mystery and sometimes a dangerous one at that.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Was the relationship between Frank and Natalie an ill-advised one?
–What place do parents play in the romantic entanglements and decisions of an adult child?
–Do most husbands and wives truly know each other?
–How can a couple break the ominous silences that sometimes hang over the significant differences in their lives?
–When justice is not being served what is the aggrieved party to do?
–Can humans violate moral laws without consequence?
–Where is the hope in the darkness of our lives?

Provocative Quotes byline
–In the lobster trap the older female is the most dangerous
==Matt explains the ‘Bedroom’ of the lobster trap to Natalie’s son
–I’ve had lots of girlfriends, I don’t understand how this one is any different.
==Frank to his Mom
–This is not some sweetie from Vassar you can visit on holidays. You’re not in this alone. She’s not divorced yet.
==Mom to Frank about Natalie
–We’re not serious, Mom, It’s a summer thing.
==Frank to his Mom
–I don’t change, everything around me changes.
==Strout to Natalie
–Where are they with him? They’re my boys and they’re none of my business?
==Strout to Natalie
–A father is a positive, consistent presence.
==Natalie to Strout
–If an Ivy League education is so great, how come you come down here to the boat for lunch so often? Dad she’s a wonderful girl. That’s what I see.
==Frank to Dad at lunch break
–What if I wait a year for school?
==Frank to Natalie
–This is stopping now! Come fall, you are on a plane.
==Mom to Frank
–Best thing is for you to sit tight
==Attorney to Matt
–There are things of which I may not speak, There are dreams that cannot die, There are thoughts that make a strong heart weak, bring a pallor into the cheek and mist before the eye.
==Poker player to Matt
–Stop acting like nothing happened! How can I talk to you, sometimes I can’t even look at you.
==Ruth to Matt
–You can’t admit the truth to me or yourself. You encouraged him!
==Ruth to Matt
–Are you saying that I am them one responsible?
==Matt to Ruth
–I know what you’re thinking, that I let him get away with —
==Matt to Ruth
==Ruth to Matt
–He went to her because you were so controlling. Everything he did was wrong. You were so unforgiving and bitter. And now you’re trying the same shit with me.
==Matt to Ruth
–It’s the trial we can’t go through. You’re jumping bail.
==Matt to Strout
–Did you do it? You might be hungry. Do you want some coffee? Are you all right Matt?
==Ruth to Matt
–There was this picture of him and Natalie on the wall. He was smiling. I don’t know.
==Matt to Ruth

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