If God Should Choose


Kristen Stagg

Central Theme
Even in life’s most devastating and inexplicable tragedies we should not lose heart because God is an active participant in the events of our daily lives.

On April 20, 2001 Jim and Roni Bowers climbed aboard a small single-engine float plane with their six-year old son Cory and seven-month old daughter Charity. What was to be a short and routine trip home became a nightmare when the Peruvian Air Force wrongly identified their plane as a drug runner and opened fire. Within minutes Roni and Charity were dead and Jim and Cory, along with pilot Kevin Donaldson, were trying to avoid gunfire aimed at their downed plane. The story immediately attracted international attention. The accounts of the unnecessary death of a missionary and her daughter and a the badly out-of-control drug war in Peru were soon overshadowed by Jim’s testimony of God’s presence and purposes in the tragedy. His interview on ABC Primetime with Diane Sawyer introduced the nation to the profound faith that drew Jim and Roni to be missionaries and then sustained Jim in his loss.

Belief num
–God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. He still makes these requests today.
–God caused the death of Roni and Charity.
–God can bring good out of what appears to be evil.
–There is a heaven and those who know Jesus Christ go there when they die.
–There is nothing more important than the decision to receive Jesus Christ as Savior.
–Bad things can happen to good people.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Did God allow or cause this tragedy?
–Will Cory go to hell if he does not receive Jesus as Savior?
–Do followers of Jesus go to heaven immediately when they die?
–Would you still love and serve God if he took the ones you love most?

Provocative Quotes byline
–If this is what God wants my son is going to have an excellent wife.
==Jim’s mom when she first met Roni.
–Why God would you give me the promise of something I’ve asked for over and over again, then snatch it from me. What cruelty is this?
==Roni after her miscarriage.
–God doesn’t owe me anything. I owe him everything.
==Roni to visitors at the mission
— Why didn’t I take pictures of Roni and Charity, too? They were standing right next to me.
==Jim Bowers took Photos of his son the morning of the tragedy, but not of his wife and daughter
–You know mom and Charity didn’t make it don’t you? They’re in heaven with Jesus now.
==Jim to Cory in the downed plane.
–The rescue party had come from Huanta, a town of about six hundred people where Jim and Roni preached and taught in their missionary work an the Amazon River.
==Amazing Coincidences?
–Jim recalls not asking, ‘ Why me God?’ he realized that his wife and daughter were now perfectly fine.
–The recurrent theme of forgiveness boggled the minds of the Peruvian officers, who pronounced themselves perplexed. Didn’t Jim want to get back at someone, anyone, just a little?
–I can’t believe it; I’ve been too bad.
==Peruvian colonel when told that God could forgive his sins.
–The most significant aspect of this tragedy to me is that my son Cory still has an opportunity to receive Christ as his Savior.
==Jim ay memorial service.
–One thing that convinces me that God did this to Roni and Charity is the profound effect this event is having in people around the world.
==Jim at memorial service
–I am convinced that God directly intervened to spare Kevin and Cory and me, because He still has some kind of work for us to accomplish. I think He did this to wake up sleeping Christians, including myself, and maybe most of all, to wake up those who have no interest in God. And I say, Wake Up!
==Jim at memorial Service
–Were it not for suffering, millions of human beings would never develop an atom of affection. It is folly to conclude that a thing ought not to be done because it hurts. There are powers to be born, creations to be perfected, sinners to be redeemed all through the ministry of pain that could be born, perfected, and redeemed in no other way.
==Elisabeth Elliott Gren quotes George McDonald
–The strength of Jim and Roni was the fact that when they felt the Lord wanted them to do something, they didn’t let anything stand in the way of doing it. They were committed to doing what God wanted them to.
==Chuck Porter, Veteran Missionary

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