Gypsy Supper: William and Alene (Audio Only)

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I learned about “Gypsy Supper” when Alene wrote me after reading my book “Too Christian, Too Pagan.” She told me she and her husband were “living the book,” the thesis of which is that if you truly follow Jesus you’ll be “too Christian for your pagan friends and too pagan for your Christian friends.”

She also included the CD “Gypsy Supper.” As a broadcaster you receive a lot of complementary CD’s and I usually slip them into the player, listen to a bit and then hit eject. Life is short and unless the stuff is compelling I feel no need to obligate myself to stuff that doesn’t grab me.

With Gypsy Supper I knew I was in the presence of real musicianship and the more I listened the more I liked it. That weekend I played it for two professional musicians who standards are much higher than mine and it met their test.

It excites me to know they are playing in venues where their craftsmanship gives entry for them to “be Jesus.” This is very cool.

Here is their story. Here is a sample if music played live in my radio studio. I hope you like it and if you do, order their CD! Also, If you order through Amazon by using our product link a percentage of the sale supports this site!

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