Gender: Men, Women, Sex and Feminism


Frederica Mathewes-Green

Central Theme
A funny thing happened on the way to a sexual revolution Frederica Mathewes-Green, participated, rethought it, experienced a spiritual renewal and wrote a series of witty and thoughtful essays over the past decade; the result is an amazing collection of insights and observations about gender,

Frederica was the first on her block to join the feminist movement. Burned out on the religion of her youth she found feminism an exciting substitute for religion. But alas, a movement fueled by self-pity, victimization and anger was not satisfying and she found herself surprised by joy, the joy of knowing Jesus is alive and loves her personally.

The more she clarified her thinking about the great errors of feminism (abortion, careerism and free sex) and the more she wrote and spoke about it, the more she was in demand. She found herself crossing paths with Susan Faludi, Gloria Steinem and more.

Her essays deal with everything from the three bad ideas, observations about the next generation of feminists, a look at the image of beauty in Disney heroines , to the values of church tradition in understanding homosexuality amd a modest proposal for younger marriages as a way to overcome the problem of unwanted pregnancies out of wedlock.

Beliefs num
–When feminists combined free love and careerism, abortion followed as a necessary partner of the first two bad ideas.
–The next generation of feminists seem almost identical to the ones of thirty years ago.
–Disney portrayals of beauty affect the self-perception of young women in successive generations.
–Homosexuality is misunderstood as a political issue and needs to be set in the moral framework of an authoritative revelation.
–Teens reach puberty at 13 and the average age of marriage is 27 we need younger marriages.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–How did feminists shift from anti-abortion to pro-abortion?
–Why are some women able to see the folly of playing the perpetual angry victim, and others aren’t?
–How is the next generation of feminist different from their predecessors?
–Why shouldn’t each person make up their own mind on the homosexual issue?

Provocative Quotes byline
–A month after graduation, our hitchhiking honeymoon brought Gary and me to Dublin. The late afternoon light was glaring as we stepped inside a dusty church and stood there blinking. I walked over to examine a white marble statue in the back; Jesus pointing to his Sacred Heart, which was twined with thorns and springing with flames. I remembered the words from Sunday school: ¢â‚¬ËœBehold the heart that loved mankind.’ A few minutes later I realized I was on my knees. When I stood up I was a Christian.
–Teen pregnancy is not the problem. Unwed teen pregnancy is the problems.
–We no longer think of children as adults-in-progress.

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