Filmmaker Ralph Winter. Passion Stuff, Carlin.

A few years ago, before the Passion craze we enjoyed a chat with filmmaker Ralph Winter (foto right, Hackers, X-Men, a few Star Treks) about the power of film, which he insists is in telling good stories well. Enjoy the audio interview for the first time exclusively here.

The timing is good for such a discussion because Hollywood is atwitter with The Passion. It is setting box office records (given evangelical’s rating phobias, ironically for highest box office R-rated movie), which means they WILL (MEDVED) make more religious films but some ask, do theyKNOW HOW to make them?

I’ve been arguing that Evangelical’s failure to produce artists, opting instead for propagandists, leaves us unprepared to fill the demand in an opportune time. For Hollywood Professional’s view read pre-Passion’s “Faith on The Set.”

Whether “The Passion” can be built on hinges, in part, on who you react to the following comment by Robert Bucksbaum (industry tracker Reel Source) and the rebuttal by Michael Medved.
Buckbaum: “We’re polling people who never set foot into a theater before this. They are turned off by Hollywood, but this was seen as something completely out of the mainstream.”

Medved: “Actually, it’s the entertainment industry that has placed itself outside the American mainstream by stubbornly ignoring repeated public demands for films that both respect and reflect the more traditional attitudes cherished by tens of millions of Americans. Survey data suggest that nearly 40% of us regularly participate in church or synagogue worship, with nearly four times more people flocking to religious services every week than waiting in line at the local multiplex.”

Meanwhile on another front George Carlin has weighed in on FCC plans to reign in profanity and my friend Jeff Kemp got some nice ink on his fight for families.

On a personal note, please pray for me. My 90 days to finish the next book ends March 31 and I will not make this self-imposed deadline. Then begins the process of charting my professional course with the current dilemma as I see it being this the things I feel most compelled to do would require considerable funding which I have not identified and the current possibilities (I am aware of) with funding attached are good but not at the heart of what I feel most compelled to do. AAARRRGGHHHH.

Remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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