Joe Darrow: Kevin Kostner
Emily Darrow: Susanna Thompson
Hugh Campbell: Joe Morton
Charlie Dickenson: Ron Rifkin
Mrs. Belmont: Kathy Bates
Sister Madeline: Linda Hunt
Universal Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment present Dragonfly a supernatural drama directed by Tom Shadyac. Based on the screenplay written by David Seltzer, Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson. Running Time: 100 minutes. Rating PG13 for thematic material and mild sensuality

Central Theme
The line between life and death is not as firmly fixed as we might think, but to see this you must close your eyes and open your mind.

Six months after Joe’s pregnant wife dies on a humanitarian mission to Venezuela, her body is still missing and the usually skeptical Joe asks, ‘when you lose someone are they lost forever?’ When Joe experiences the unexplained appearance and reappearance of Emily’s personal symbol, the dragonfly (real ones, a paperweight, a mobile) he is spooked, but after meeting Emily’s patients in pediatric oncology it becomes clear that something inexplicable is happening, They claim to have seen Emily in their near-death experiences and say she has an important message for Joe. They also draw a clue, a squiggly cross they have all seen but can’t identify. Joe realizes that only by using his heart over his head and faith over facts will he penetrate the mysteries of life after death and find the answers he is seeking

Beliefs num
–There is life after death.
–The dead can communicate with the living.
–Near death experiences are real.
–Sometimes survivors of near death experiences bring messages to the living from the dead.
–The mysteries of life after death can be resolved only by those who believe.
–Evidentialists argue that seeing is believing, but actually, life’s greatest mysteries are revealed only when believing is seeing.
–The truly spiritual will close their eyes and open their minds.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Is there life after death? On what do you base your conclusion?
–Can the dead communicate with the living? Why would they want to? How would they communicate?
–How do you explain near death experiences?
–Do you agree truth is perceived by heart over head, eyes closed, mind wide open?
–Are there rational explanations for every mystery?
–Does your religion claim to possess and reveal answers to every question and explanations for every mystery?
–What do you do when your experience contradicts your deeply held religious or personal beliefs?

Provocative Quotes byline
–I’m not going home until this is over. (Official) It is over.
==Joe searching the wreckage for his wife’s missing body.
–Emily Darrow was not just a Doctor. She was a healer and a credit to the human race.
==Tribute at Emily’s Memorial Service
–I’m not terminating a pregnancy. I’m delivering a baby
==Joe in emergency room after saving the baby of a dying woman and violating hospital policy to do so.
–There is no better place. As crappy as this place is, it is all there is.
==Joe’s advice to a woman who attempted suicide.
–You were the mind and Emily the heart. It was an unbeatable combination.
==Emily ‘s friend describing Joe and Emily’s relationship
–Dragonflies. They were sort of her personal totem. She even had this small birthmark on her shoulder that kind of looked like one.
==Joe to friend
–Take down the vacancy sign that says Emily’s ghost is welcome here and get on with your life without her.
==Mrs. Belmont to Joe
–Joe? Joe can you hear me?
==Comatose boy’s voice in oncology ward
–I saw Emily yesterday. She was all around me in the rainbow and the mist. She said tell Joe something, Joe can’t you hear me?
==Little Jeffrey Reardon to Joe
–The lady in the picture? She wants you to go there.
==Ben (little boy in oncology) to Joe, pointing at Emily’s photo
–In an age where no one believes in miracles, pediatric oncology is the perfect place for Emily to make contact. Be with them. One of them will come back with the answer.
==Sister Madeline urging Joe to stay with kids who may experience an NDE
–This man is still alive. He spoke in Emily’s voice.
==Joe to the doctors who are ready to remove organs from a corpse
–I can’t believe you are falling for this. Death is like pregnant, you either are or you aren’t.
==Doctor to Joe
–I haven’t gone halfway to heaven and she has no way of reaching me.
==Joe explains to Mrs. Belmont why he can’t make contact with Emily
–There are a hundred steps on the ladder of consciousness, if we can create this world with what we imagine, why not the next?
==Sister Madeline
–You are only as nuts as Christopher Columbus believing there is another side.
==Sister Madeline
–She’s trying to reach me and she’s becoming desperate.
==Joe to Mrs. Belmont about Emily
–We could not save her body, but we saved her soul.
==Yanomami tribespeople to Joe
–You must have faith. It is belief that gets us there.
==Joe’s conclusion at the end of the story
–I was with my mother when she died several years ago and all of us who were in the room together saw her cross over. It was a magical, amazing experience. It’s narrow minded of us to think that the only reality is what we can see and touch.
==Tom Shadyac
–In the Indian totem the dragonfly is the shatterer of illusions, and in the shattering of illusions, there is great freedom.
==Susanna Thompson

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