Do Not Speak.

Now that I’m all set up with Twitter, Facebook and newly revamped, the distribution network is ready and waiting for what I have to say!  Here is the problem. There is an ancient Proverb that says, “Do not speak unless you can improve the silence.” Wisdom grows from silence and silence is the antithesis of human life today. We are bombarded with inputs battering our souls, but where is the space for quietness and reflection? I don’t believe we can’t find God in the clamor of the city, nor that God is more easily found in the quietness of Orcas Island. I just know that wherever I am, listening is more important than speaking. I feel this even more acutely when I am at a conference where I will communicate. (I am in NYC for IAM). Ironic-if you are to speak, double your silence first!

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  1. 030211 SIlence | Dick Staub on March 2, 2011 at 7:31 am

    […] An ancient proverb says, “Do not speak unless you can improve the silence.” Kind of defeats the purpose of twitter, Facebook and blogging doesn’t it! Read More. […]

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