Dick Staub with Good News from The Kindlings


DECEMBER 2013 GOAL: $40,000 in donations.

RECEIVED SO FAR: $25,000 in donations!

We are really close to meeting our goal with 7 days to go! If you’ve already sent your year-end donation, thanks! If you haven’t IT IS NOT TOO LATE!

 With just a few days remaining in 2013 here is a quick progress report and a reminder to send in your tax-deductible contribution if you have not already done so!

Any envelopes postmarked December 31, 2013 or earlier with checks dated December 2013 will be credited in 2013! You can also donate online at www.TheKindlings.com

Every gift will be used to rekindle the spiritual, intellectual and creative legacy of next-generation Christians in culture.

We’ve received $25,000 (62.5%) towards our goal of $40,000 donations by December 31st, 2013! Your gift can help us meet our year-end obligations and begin our transition to new leadership in 2014!

None of this will be possible without your prayers and financial support.

As of today we’ve received $ 25,000. Just $ 15,000 to go to meet our year-end goal!

Joyfully yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends for the benefit of the world,

Dick Staub  

PS- CFC needs an additional $15,000 by December 31st, 2013 to meet our year-end obligations.  Please partner with us by sending your generous gift now! Thank you and Merry Christmas!




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