CSC #7 Evangelicals fear Loss of Teenagers

The Culturally Savvy Christian recognizes the impact
popular culture is having on today’s teenagers.
Just last week the NYT carried a front-page story titled:
Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers

Despite their packed megachurches, their political clout and their increasing visibility on the national stage, evangelical Christian leaders are warning one another that their teenagers are abandoning the faith in droves. Their alarm has been stoked by a claim that if current trends continue, only 4 percent of teenagers will be “Bible-believing Christians” as adults.

Ron Luce, founder of Teen Mania has concluded that we have become a post-Christian America.

The National Association of Evangelicals passed a resolution deploring
“the epidemic of young people leaving the evangelical church.”

Youth pastors are saying they cannot compete against a pervasive popular culture & evangelical teens say they feel alone in their struggles to live by their “Biblical values” by avoiding casual sex, risqué music and videos, Internet pornography, alcohol and drugs.

While these trends are alarming¢â‚¬¦they should not surprise us..
30 years ago Francis Schaeffer sounded the alarm–
“I find that everywhere I go– children of Christians are being lost to historic Christianity. They are being lost because their parents are unable to understand their children and therefore cannot help them in their time of need. We have left the next generation naked in the face of twentieth century thought by which they are surrounded.”

The CSC understands that popular culture has become the preacher and teacher of today’s youth¢â‚¬¦

Before the electronic media age
parents, churches and schools were the primary educators of teens¢â‚¬¦

Today–Every movie, song, game and television show conveys a set of beliefs, values and behaviors, often antithetical to our Christian beliefs and values¢â‚¬¦

The result is a generation of kids who are highly literate in popular culture—
but are biblically illiterate¢â‚¬¦Over half of them think Joan of Arc was married to Noah of Ark¢â‚¬¦

Research REVEALS four reasons teens leave their parents faith

1) They never experienced God
2) Their tribal connections are stronger outside church than in it
3) The issues that matter to them to them aren’t discussed at church¢â‚¬¦what is discussed doesn’t matter to them
4) They never saw anything in their parent’s lives that made them want to be a Christian¢â‚¬¦

The CSC recognizes that both church and culture need a radical makeover¢â‚¬¦
1) Only those whose personal spiritual faith is deep will survive in today’s fallen culture.
2) Only people of deep faith will be savvy enough to discern where both church and culture need transformation.
3) And only those whose lives have been personally transformed,
Can be part of transforming the culture¢â‚¬¦

The CSC parent, knows the transformation their teen,
starts with God’s transforming power at work in THEIR life¢â‚¬¦

Here is some good news—in Christian Smith’s landmark study of Christian teens¢â‚¬¦he found that parents are still the biggest single influence on their teen.

Parents. If you want to help your teen:

Become a CSC
Who is serious about your faith
Savvy about faith and culture
& Skilled in relating the two¢â‚¬¦

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