CSC #17 An Artist Is LIke God

The culturally Savvy Christian discovers and expresses their artistry and creativity in their work.

My advice to you in this New Year is that you discover and express your artistry.

Not every one is an artist, writer, poet, musician or actor,
But every human, created in God’s image, is blessed
with a creative flair within their own unique giftedness¢â‚¬¦

Just yesterday Kristine made a visit to the local Honda service center a delight
Julie made lunch with my 83 year-old-father a delight at Marie Callendar’s¢â‚¬¦
Jennie brings smiles every time
she holds up the applause sign at our live show The Kindlings Muse ¢â‚¬¦

Why? What makes these people stand out?
What do each of these people have in common?

They have learned in whatever they do
To bring their whole personality and ability to each daily task¢â‚¬¦

People describe these kind of individuals as possessing “flair.”

The dictionary defines flair this way–a natural talent, aptitude, or ability; bent; knack: a flair for writing rhymes, smartness of style or manner.

Everyone possesses their own unique talents & personality
and when fully engaged it shows¢â‚¬¦

I love it when actor Nigel Goodwin reads a poem,
Because he brings artistry to all he does¢â‚¬¦
Listen to him as he reads M.B. Goffstein’s simple poem titled “An Artist.”

An Artist is like God, but small.
He can’t see out of God’s creation,
For it includes him.
With the seas divided,
All the animals named, and the sun and moon and stars
Set in their tracks, an artist spends his life
Not only wondering,
But wanting to work like God
With what he can command: his paints.
He tries to copy God’s creations.
He tries to shape beauty with his hand.
He tries to make order out of nature.
He tries to paint the thoughts and feelings in his mind.
An artist is like God
As God created him.
Small, strong, and with limited days,
His gift of breath is spent
Over his paintbox.
Choosing and brushing his colors,
He tries to make paint sing.

M.B Goffstein

Not everyone is an artist¢â‚¬¦
but each of us can express our creativity and artistry in everything we do¢â‚¬¦

Join me in resolving to live 2007 with flair¢â‚¬¦

Because the culturally Savvy Christian
discovers and expresses their artistry and creativity in their work.

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