Crash-the New Unreality

It is a movie I am supposed to love. Crash.

It deals with a subject that matters–injustice and race relations in the big city and does so through a series of inter-related human-interest stories.

The problem is it deals with these issues through stories each of which could be true, but then interconnecting these stories in ways that are unlikely to actually happen and therefore don’t ring true. A “bad” cop abuses a black woman he pulls over and then the next day saves her life by pulling her from a car that is about to explode. Another “good cop” intervenes righteously on behalf of an innocent black man and then kills another. A district attorney’s car is stolen and he is concerned only about resolving the politics of the situation.

The phenomenon of important issues being raised by implausible stories is now acceptable in Hollywood where the storyline is simply representative of the point being made. It is yet another example of TRUTH being sacrificed for truth and it is a huge problem.

True stories told well and truthfully will always resonate with people who know the truth, but today it is questionable that the typical person can actually recognize truth because it is so seldom seen or demanded by an audience representalized to death.


Just before posting this piece about Crash, I recived a prayer request from a missionary in Central Africa. READ THE REQUEST AND YOU’LL SEE what I mean about true stories told truly. It has a raw authenticity because it is real, not fictionalized or representationalized¢â‚¬¦

This is a prayer request from missionaries in Central African Republic.

Dear all,
The new year has begun with some tragic news for us. One of Chief T’s sons, the only son, “Y”, among the many daughters of his head wife (Chief T. has 2 other living wives and many other children and grandchildren), was kidnapped Thursday evening about 30 miles from where we live. They have heard official word from the kidnappers as of yesterday (Sat.) evening – they are demanding 10 million CFA (the equivalent of about $19- to $20,000) within 3 days or the son will be killed.

Two of the kidnapped man’s sisters came to us this morning asking for help with getting the money together. They have tried selling cattle, but others who also have had family members kidnapped have glutted the cattle market locally, so T’s family will have to take their cattle maybe as far as Yaounde to sell, certainly not doable in 3 days’ time. We are very close to this whole clan, especially to the sisters who came asking for help and to the man kidnapped (probably in his mid 40’s).

We need wisdom to decide how to help. We don’t want to give in to the ransom demand, but there is little doubt that the bad guys will do what they say they will to Y who is a dear friend and like a brother. They might delay the 3 days a bit, but we know that others have been killed by kidnappers. We have heard from a man who got away from the kidnappers that Y is being beaten. Please pray!!! Pray for a miracle release, like Paul from jail, pray for a miracle revelation, like Paul on the Damascus road, pray that we will do what we can but not what we shouldn’t.


Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

PS. And remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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