Collateral Damage

Gordy Brewer: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Agent Brandt: Elias Koteas
Selena: Francesca Neri
Claudio: Cliff Curtis
Felix: John Leguizamo
Armstrong: John Turturro
Roman: Jsu Garcia
Mauro: Tyler Garcia Posey
Doctor: Shelley Malil
Warner Bros. Pictures presents a film directed by Andrew Davis. Running time: 109 minutes.
Rating R (for violence and some language)

Central Theme
When a man’s wife and son are killed by a terrorist and the government isn’t taking action against the killer, the man is entitled to take the law into his own hands.

Gordy is a devoted husband and father and an LA fireman who makes heroic efforts to save lives. But when his wife and son are killed by a bomb planted by a Columbian terrorist in a public place in LA, and the US Government is unwilling to take the risks necessary to pursue the killer, Gordy is transformed from a life-saver into a one man justice department. His extraordinary trek in pursuit of the killer takes him into guerrilla territory deep in the Columbian forest, and then back to Washington D.C, where the terrorist has planted two more bombs.

Beliefs num
–If someone murders someone you love, you are justified in taking the law into your own hands by killing them, if the government fails to administer justice
–There is a double standard. Claudio was transformed from a quiet schoolteacher into a revolutionary when American security forces razed his village and killed his innocent daughter. Yet he is considered a terrorist, while Gordy hunts down his child’s killer and is a hero.
–The war on drugs is messy
–You fight terrorism by terrorizing the terrorists
–Innocent people will die in any war, including the war on drugs in Columbia.
–Americans need to understand why people become terrorists.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Why is Gordy’s revenge justified and Claudio’s is not?
–What is the difference between a righteous man seeking justice for wrongdoing and a terrorist? Is it possible that they could be one and the same?
–If both victim and perpetrator are motivated by hate, what is the difference between them?
–Are terrorist acts ever justified?
–The Bible says vengeance belongs to God and justice is to be administered by the state. If the government fails to administer justice, do individual citizens have the right to take the law into their own hands?

Provocative Quotes byline
–The death of the little boy and his mother are regrettable. It is called collateral damage.
==Columbian activist justifying bombing aimed at American officials and claiming innocent victims
–You want collateral damage? I’ll show you collateral damage!
==Gordy breaks into activists office and tears it apart.
–You cannot negotiate with terrorists.
==CIA operative to Senator
–It’s just your wife and son are not a priority right now.
==CIA operative explains to Gordy why in the bigger scheme of things they can’t take action right now
–You cannot take the law into your own hands. Thanks for your advice.
==CIA advises Gordy and he responds
–You Americans are so naive. You see a peasant with a gun, you change the channel. But you never ask why a peasant needs a gun.
==Claudio to Gordy
–Americans hide behind family values — You have forgotten the meaning of war.
==Claudio to Gordy
–You smiled before you killed my wife and son. You will pay for that.
==Gordy to Claudio
–What’s the difference between you and I? The difference is I’m gonna just kill you.
==Gordy explains the difference to Claudio
–Claudio was a teacher before the Americans killed our daughter. Now he is consumed by hate. Just like you.
==Selena (Claudio’s wife) to Gordy
–When you love your family you can’t imagine what it would be like to see them get killed right in front of your eyes so it’s easy to get the emotional element of the story. All you have to do is imagine what it must be like and you feel it immediately. This is what drives Gordy.
==Schwarzenegger about his role
–This is a significantly different Arnold we’re seeing here. Rather than the invincible hero role that he’s known for, he’s an average man who had a job and a family and is suddenly way out of his depth and thrust into heroism. He draws his strength from deep inside this time. You want to say ‘hey, where’s his machine gun?’ but that’s not what this character is all about.
==Producer Steven Reuther

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