Catch Me If You Can

Frank Abagnale Jr.: Leonardo DiCaprio
Carl Hanratty: Tom Hanks
Frank Abagnale Sr.: Christopher Walken
Paula Abagnale: Nathalie Baye
Prostitute: Jennifer Garner
Brenda: Amy Adams
Brenda’s father: Martin Sheen

DreamWorks presents a film directed by Steven Spielberg. Written by Jeff Nathanson. Based on the book by Frank Abagnale Jr. and Stan Redding. Running time: 140 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for some sexual content and brief language).

Central Theme
If you are smart, resourceful and dissatisfied with your life, taking on a false identity and living a different life is doable but ultimately unrewarding.

Inspired by the true story of Frank Abagnale, who as a teen successfully impersonated a commercial pilot, a pediatrician and a lawyer. Along the way he passed million of dollars in bad checks, using his wealth and professional status to impress young women.

His life of crime seems to have been inspired by the break-up of his parent’s marriage and some natural conning skills he inherited from and observed in his winsome father and unfaithful mother.

Underlying his jet setting is a lonely sadness and the relentless pursuit of an FBI agent who develops a begrudging respect for his adversary.

In the hands of Spielberg the material is breezy, but almost too much so. After all, in truth, this is the story of criminal activity that defrauded individuals and institutions, The fact that Abagnale turns his expertise to the good is portrayed not as redemptive so much as the just result for such a good con.

Beliefs num
–Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but impersonation is illegal.
–An honest person has nothing to fear, and most people are deservedly afraid.
–People want to take us at our word and people only know what we tell them.
–A home where the parents are conning each other and the world, may produce children who are cons too.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–How was Frank able to get away with his cons?
–Why does a person begin ¢â‚¬Ëœconning others?”
–Are all of us cons at some level? Why?

Provocative Quotes byline
–Two little mice fall in a bucket of milk. The first mouse struggled, gave up and drowned. The second mouse swam so hard he churned the milk into butter and walked climbed out. In this moment, I am the second mouse.
==Franks dad accepting a Rotary award.
–You know why the Yankees always win? The other team can’t stop looking at the stripes.
==Dad to Frank as he enters the bank posing as a wealthy man with a chauffer.
–You know what I found out on the parking lot out there? Must have slipped right off your neck.
==Line Frank learns from dad in getting young women to cooperate.
–It’s not a matter of winning or losing. It is a matter of risk.
==Banker rejecting Frank’s dad bank loan.
–One day you’ll want something from these people a home, a car. They’ve got all the money. You’ve got 50 checks there.
==Dad opens young frank’s bank account.
–You’re not going to tell him. Right? There’s nothing to tell.
==Mom asking Frank to lie to dad about her affair.
–I want you to go in the next room and write down a name. It’s not a test; there is no right or wrong answer.
==Divorce lawyer asking Frank to choose between mom and dad.
–An honest man has nothing to fear so I’m just trying not to be afraid.
==Frank to dad after he starts his con.
–The rest of us really are suckers.
==Dad at fancy dinner hearing of son’s exploits.
–They call him the James Bond of the skies.
==Newspaper report.
–People only know what you tell them Carl.
==Frank to Carl on Xmas eve call.
–I know this. You’re going to get caught. It’s a mathematical fact. It’s like Las Vegas-the house always wins. You didn’t call to apologize. You have no one else to call.
==Carl back to Frank on Xmas eve call.
–Promise not to tell his mom? Frank made up a false id. He’s in Viet Nam.
==Frank’s dad cons Carl who wants to know where the son is.
–You’re not a father are you? If you were you would know I would never give up my son.
==Frank Sr.
–My. A doctor and a lawyer, Brenda hit the jackpot didn’t she!
==Brenda’s mom falling for Frank’s con.
–The truth is, I’m not a doctor or a lawyer. I’m not an airline pilot. I’m nothing really. I’m just a kid in love with your daughter.
==Frank confesses to Brenda’s dad.
–I kind of am a lawyer now. I’m gonna get it all back dad. Everything they took from us. Call mom right now¢â‚¬¦Dad It’s over. I’m gonna stop now. Ask me to stop.
==Frank after dad tells Frank his marriage is over.
–They’re never going to catch you. You can’t stop.
==Dad to Frank.
–OK. I want it to be over. I’m getting married. I want to call a truce. Please leave me alone Carl. Stop chasing me.
==Frank phones Carl.
–I can’t stop. It’s my job.
–Brenda, I don’t want to lie to you again. I’m not a doctor or a lawyer, I’m not Lutheran and I’m only 17 not 23…
==Confession to Brenda.
–You’re not a LUTHERAN?
–Brenda’s response to Frank’s confession.
–I want it on the record. Frank Abagnale surrendered on his own accord.
==Carl at the arrest in France.
–Frank, would you be interested in working with the FBI check fraud investigative unit?
==FBI officer to Frank in prison.
–I didn’t cheat. I studied for two weeks and passed,
==Frank finally tells Carl how he passed the bar in Louisiana.

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