Bono. Brits on Passion. Staub Disappears.

For U2 fans who like to think about the message in the music, Get Up Off Your Knees-preaching through the U2 catalog is a MUST. Listen to a sneak preview of an interview you’ll read excerpted in soon (and in complete transcript here.)

The Passion topped the box office this weekend. Its commercial spin-off value mounts. And the British weigh in on the Passion via BBC and Rick Wakeman reactions.

No Easter would be complete without a good old Bunny flogging. This weekend one church reenacted the Passion of the Bunny to the dismay of children and outrage of their parents.

Hollywood tastelessness knows no bounds as demonstrated by Janet Jackson playing Condi Rice who is advised by “Dick Cheney” to expose her breast to deflect questions about 911.

AND Dick Staub is on a writing retreat this week so watch for some interesting interviews with AUDIO for the first time. Planned and always subject to change:

Monday: U2
Tuesday: Ben Heppner, accidental operatic wonder and follower of Jesus.
Wednesday Graham Hancock: Underworld.
Thursday Leslie Leland Fields: “Surviving the Island of Grace.”
Friday Brennan Manning: Glimpses of Jesus

Remember, “these are the best of times and the worst of times, but they are the only times we have.” (For Now).

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