A Trip to the Beach (With Audio)

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Three Rivers Press

Melinda and Robert Blanchard

Central Theme
In following your bliss you will face unforeseen obstacles, even if your dream takes you to an idyllic Caribbean Island, but you’ll never experience the rewards unless you take the risk.

If you’ve ever thought about selling it all and moving to a remote island for a simpler life and saner times, the Blanchard’s tell a hilarious and sometimes sobering story. They left Vermont for an entrepreneurial adventure on the island of Anguilla and lived to tell the tale. Originally planning to set up a modest beach bar, they eventually built a full restaurant, offering an award winning wine selection and often serving a sophisticated and discriminating (read demanding) clientele. Challenges include importing virtually everything (building materials, plants, chairs, kitchen supplies and cooking ingredients) from Miami and repeating the entire process when your dream is hit by 250 MPH winds in a hurricane. The locals are colorful, the setting enchanting, the business demanding and the resulting book is, in the words of People Magazine, ‘a beach book to savor.’

Beliefs num
–Following your dream is risky
–You can’t experience the rewards unless you take the risks
–Whatever you do, wherever you go, do it together or don’t do it!
–Where there is a will there is usually a way
–Don’t let circumstances stop you when you know you should proceed
–There still are places on this planet that are stunningly beautiful and simpler
–Do your homework, research carefully and you’ll still get some surprises

Questions Worth Discussing num
–If you were to take the risk and follow your bliss, what dream would you try to fulfill?
–Is risk taking only for some or should every human follow their passion?
–How do you know when it is time to push ahead and when it is time to back off?

Provocative Quotes byline
–This is a country with no taxes, where a dollar earned is an actual dollar. There is no unemployment, and eighty-five degree temperatures with sunshine every day. Life is good.
==Bob Blanchard
–We know nothing about living in a country with goats and lizards and thousands of miles from anywhere. I just want to go home.
==Melinda Blanchard, in an early discouraged moment
–Bob, I’m afraid we might be in trouble. I can’t imagine where we’re going to get these ingredients. I think we might have really lost our heads this time.
==Melinda to Bob when she learns necessary ingredients aren’t available locally
–I was getting nervous about money. Though I had diligently recorded our expenses, I had not yet taken the time to calculate how much was left. The day of reckoning had come — it brought us to grand total of $two-hundred sixty thousand dollars. We were left with under $one-hundred thousand dollars. That was it.
==Melinda Blanchard
–The $three dollar part cost us $two hundred fifteen dollars.
==Bob, explaining the impact of shipping, duty, fedex charges for a gasket for the ice cream maker
–I can’t think of a place I belong to more than Anguilla
==Mel, at end of first season
–The restaurant ain’ so good — Dining room gone. She blow away. Whole roof come off. Just the floor leff. An’ plants mash up real bad.
==Clinton’s damage report after a hurricane hits Blanchards
–Mel sound like she from Anguilla. She one a we, you know.
==Clinton’s complement to Melinda

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