When I’m Sixty-Four

For some reason when asked his age, my dad is fond of saying he is “in his x year,” with x being his next birthday. So yesterday when he turned 88 he started telling people he is in his 89th year.

Whether this is sensible or not, I’ll leave it to others to decide. All I know is that based on his calculations, I am in my 64th year, which, though memorialized by the Beatles classic song, “When I am sixty-four,” is off to an inauspicious start.

It started OK, but then went downhill fast. Michael Ward, author of Planet Narnia, sent me a Facebook message referring to me as St. Aub (staub!). It felt good to see my true worth recognized. Rosa Montgomery’s card was addressed to The Right Reverend Staub, another lofty attribution!

But then reality set in. Enclosed in my wife’s card was a little yellow street sign (like a caution men at work sign) except this one said, “Caution, Senior Moment in Progress.” Rosa’s card, showed a picture of vintage car on the cover, and on the inside read, “as we get older we’re a lot like vintage cars; Maintenance costs get higher and higher and even used parts are hard to find!”

Having not been sick with the flu for at least ten years, on the third day of my 64th year I got the flu; earache, headache, cough, intestinal distress (and shall we say, an involuntary and repeated purging) and a fever 0f 102.  I’m in sixth day of my 64th year and feeling slightly better, but still weak and seeing stars when I stand.

My dad says I have no business talking like an old man since I am only 63 (Seems only dad is in the NEXT year of his life)

I thought I’d try to end with a funny quote about the flu, but I couldn’t remember any and found none online. The closest I came was a Persian proverb: “show him death, and he’ll be content with fever.”

OK-I’ll stop my whining, until Kathy gets home from work when I’ll need to be waited on properly, as an ill man in his 64th year requires.



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  1. Dick Staub on April 6, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    […] Enclosed in my birthday card from my wife  was a little yellow street sign (like a caution men at work sign) except this one said, “Caution, Senior Moment in Progress.” Read More. […]

  2. Dick Olsen on April 6, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    You’re lucky. When I’m sick and take to whining, my wife, a nurse who taught nursing, mind you, will say, “Well, what do you want ME to do about it?”

    So, I do what every smart man does. I pout and do it myself.

  3. Paul Ingram on April 7, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    I begin my 41st year tomorrow 😉

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