The Kindlings Muse

The Kindlings Muse was born in Oxford England when I heard Gary Habermas interview Antony Flew, the worlds leading atheist, who had just declared he was now a theist. He was asked if as an Oxford student he had ever met C.S. Lewis. Flew replied that he and his friends would go to the Bird and Baby pub and sit as close as they could to the Inklings (Lewis, Tolkien, Charles Williams, Hugo Dyson and other literary types) just to overhear the conversation. Marty O’Donnell had been trying to convince me to do a podcast, so when I got back to Seattle I met with Mike Hale, owner of Hales Ales Brewery and Pub. My idea was that we could have a roundtable discussion like the Inklings but actually invite the audience into the conversation. It all fell into place and we’ve been going strong ever since starting with Hales and then expanding to other venues.