Dick Staub Ancient Wisdom

Since the 1960’s my work has involved understanding faith and culture and interpreting each to the other. However in the 1970’s I took a detour to discover who Jesus was in the first century, so I could understand  who I should be in our culture. I studied at Gordon-Conwell Seminary and Harvard Divinity School, developing a deep love for the ancient biblical texts, properly understood in their own context, as a way of understanding ours. After years of broadcasting, I joined a church staff in 2007 with the mandate of building bridges to the educated and artistic population on Orcas Island. I was intrigued to communicate from the Bible, because I wondered what the mix of culture and biblical text would be. When I teach from the Bible I want to understand what the text meant in the 1st century to the original reader and then place that teaching in our contemporary setting. This often involves drawing in contemporary fiction or film.  I generally like to proceed systematically through a book of the Bible because the author intended it to be read that way.

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