The Sum of All Fears

Jack Ryan: Ben Affleck
Bill Cabot: Morgan Freeman
President Fowler: James Cromwell
Nemerov Ciaran Hinds
John Clark: Liev Schreiber
Richard Dressler: Alan Bates
Defense Sec. Becker: Philip Baker Hall
Dr. Kathy Muller: Bridget Moynahan

Paramount Pictures presents a film directed by Phil Alden Robinson. Written by Paul Attanasio and Daniel Pyne. Based on the novel by Tom Clancy. Running time: 119 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for violence, disaster images and brief strong language).

Central Theme
In war, appearances can be deceiving and making the right strategic decision requires getting the right information into the hands of leaders whose intellect and character enable them to make the right decisions.

Neo-Nazi fascists plan to lure America and Russia into a war with each other. After retrieving an unexploded fission bomb from the 1973 wreckage of an Israeli fighter jet, they assemble a team of Russian specialists to build a bomb, which they intend to detonate at an NFL game in Baltimore with the President in attendance. The Russians will be blamed. A rogue Russian military leader aids the deception by ordering an attack on a US aircraft carrier.

Only an entry-level CIA researcher, Jack Ryan, knows the newly installed Russian leader, Nemerov. His knowledge of Nemerov makes him the immediate protégé of CIA director Bill Cabot. Because the President’s advisors mistakenly believe Nemerov to be a post cold-war hard-liner, they are ready to fall into the neo-Nazi trap. It’s up to Jack Ryan to quickly gather enough information and get it to the President.

The heroic, yet implausible ¢â‚¬Ëœeverywhere-at-once Jack Ryan saves the day ending,’ dulls the horrific fact that much of Baltimore lays in ruin with a loss of life easily exceeding 911.

Beliefs num
–The world is a dangerous place.
–The enemy is crafty and will deceive whenever possible.
–Accurate information results in good decisions.
–Such information from trustworthy individuals is hard to obtain.
–Once obtained it must be properly analyzed and placed in the hands of trustworthy decision-makers.
–In the heat of battle cooler heads may not prevail and life-costing mistakes can be made.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Do you agree with Warren Buffet that a nuclear detonation on US soil is inevitable?
–Could a disaster like the one described in this story happen?
–Is the US Government up to the task of protecting its citizens from such attacks?
–In the moment of crisis will our leaders possess the right information?
–Are you prepared to support the dirty, nasty, deceptive practices of intelligence agents?
–In Training Day it is argued that to save the sheep you must become the wolf. Do you believe that?

Provocative Quotes byline
–We are still being treated like children without the toys and good night chocolate.
==Neo-Nazi leader Dressler.
–What kind of emergency does a historian have?
==Jack’s girlfriend.
–Your control over your military is also our concern.
==Bill Cabot.
–I’m a bomb technician. If you see me run, try to catch up
==T-Short at Russian Bomb Factory.
–The day has arrived.
==Code message for day of the bombing.
–I’m an analyst. I don’t go on the mission. I write reports.
==Jack Ryan.
–What’s a South African doing in Chechnya with three Russian scientists and a shipping crate from Israel?
==Jack Ryan
–Hitler was crazy. You don’t fight Russian and America. You get them to fight each other and watch them destroy each other.
==Neo-Nazi leader Dressler
–Get the President out.
==Bill Cabot when informed of bomb in Baltimore.
–This is too much goddam bullshit and not enough fact.
==President’s frustration with making an ill-informed crisis decision
–Mr. President, we are now in a defacto war with Russia.
==Secretary of State to President.
–To make no response is to risk a greater attack.
==Presidential advisor.
–My orders are to get the right information to the people who make the decisions.
==Jack Ryan

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