The Rebirth of Orthodoxy: Signs of New Life in Christianity

Harper SanFrancisco

Thomas Oden

Central Theme
New life in Christianity is rooted in the rebirth of orthodoxy.

Society is gasping for breath in a spiritual crisis precipitated by modernity with its failing ideologies. The collapse of enlightenment ideologies is creating a hunger for roots in seekers longing for something substantial and real. Oden posits that the past can teach the future and argues persuasively from Vincent of Lerins whose standard for embracing an orthodoxy consisting of those things which have been believed “everywhere, always and by everyone.” In this new orthodoxy, rooted in our deep past, are the kernels of a new ecumenism embraced by evangelicals, Orthodox and Roman Catholics, and a similar phenomena is taking place among many Jews. Orthodoxy persists because it is flexible and There are multiple witnesses to the rebirth of orthodoxy. Oden here tells of his own personal metamorphosis.

Many will find in Oden a useful corrective to so much evangelical emerging church practice which is rooted in style more than substance. Here are roots that extend from our biblically authoritative texts through their earliest interpreters and into a modern world in need of roots that are authentic, proven and deep.

Beliefs num
–Enlightenment ideologies rooted in Nietzsche, Marx, Freud, and Bultmann are dead.
–We’ve paid a high price for embracing their ideas.
–A generation of ¢â‚¬Ëœyoung fogies’ has arisen, hungering for roots and studying the texts of ancient Christian traditions.
–In this new orthodoxy are the seeds of a new ecumenism.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Have you noticed a return to orthodox texts and roots among the younger generation?
–How do you explain this phenomena?
–Why do Reformed thinkers today refer to Calvin and Luther, when Calvin and Luther referred to the early church fathers?
–Do you think the Bible alone, without the church fathers, is adequate for understanding the faith ‘then’ in order to apply it now?

Provocative Quotes byline
–By orthodoxy I mean integrated biblical teaching as interpreted in its most consensual classic period.
–All that is meant by tradition, then, is the faithful handing down from generation to generation of scripture interpretation consensually received worldwide and cross-culturally through two millennia.
–The most salient feature of orthodoxy is not it’s rigidity but it’s flexibility.
–The truth risks becoming embodied, because truth embodied is greater than truth merely conceived.
–The threefold test of classic Christianity: that which has been believed everywhere, always and by all.
==TO citing Vincent of Lerins.
–Serious Jews and serious Christians are now being energized by this dawning realization that the past can teach the future.
–Neither Jews nor Christians can really afford to be isolationist. In this pagan world of ours, we together are the minority people of God.
==Jakob Petuchowski.

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