The Power of a City At Prayer: What Happens When Churches Unite for Renewal


Mac Pier and Katie Sweeting

Central Theme
God desires to renew his people and that process always begins with prayer.

If you are weary of the marketizing of the gospel, which appears to be generating revenues but not spiritual renewal, here is the story of a grassroots prayer movement in New York. The authors point out that prayer has been part of NYC for four centuries, but intensely for the past fifteen. Prior to 911 over 100 churches were meeting to pray specifically for NYC. The Lord’s Watch is a 24-hour prayer movement assuring that every minute of every day, NYC is prayed for. This meant that when 911 happened, an infrastructure for cooperation, prayer and ministry was already in place.

Look at any urban or suburban or rural area in America and you will see pressing needs. How often do you see a strategic prayer foundation built as the basis for rebuilding the city in a way that pleases God? How can strategies to please God be recognized without listening to God in prayer?

Beliefs num
–There are four pre-requisites for effective prayer: desperation, unity, sustained effort and inspiration.
–There are five dimensions of prayer: personal, family, local church, communitywide and nationwide.
–Prayer leads to transformation that includes four elements: revival, reconciliation, reformation, reaching the lost.
–The three callings of a spiritual leader are to: define reality, call people to prayer. Say Thank You.
–From Nehemiah we lean that you will never learn to pray unless: you are concerned enough to ask, you are moved enough to weep, you are honest enough to confess, you are bold enough to risk.
–Nehemiah knew he would not be successful without prayer. He also knew that he would not be successful with prayer alone.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–How active is your prayer life?
–How active is your churches prayer life?
–How active is your community in a cooperative prayer effort?
–Why is prayer so absent in American Christianity?

Provocative Quotes byline
–Nehemiah knew he would not be successful without prayer. He also knew that he would not be successful with prayer alone.
==Pier, Sweeting.

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