The Italian Job

Charlie Croker: Mark Wahlberg
Stella Bridger: Charlize Theron
Steve Frezelli: Edward Norton
Lyle: Seth Green
Handsome Rob: Jason Statham
Left-Ear: Mos Def
John Bridger: Donald Sutherland

Paramount Pictures presents a film directed by F. Gary Gray. Written by Donna Powers and Wayne Powers, based on a film written by Troy Kennedy Martin. Running time: 105 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for violence and some language).

Central Theme
Honor and community among thieves is celebrated in this depiction of the noble thief and the nobler motives of some thieves over others.

The plan was flawless… the job was executed perfectly… the escape was clean. The only threat mastermind thief Charlie Croker (Mark Wahlberg) never saw coming was from a member of his own crew. After pulling off an amazing gold bullion heist from a heavily guarded palazzo in Venice, Italy, Charlie and his gang — inside man Steve (Edward Norton), computer genius Lyle (Seth Green), wheelman Handsome Rob (Jason Statham), explosives expert Left-Ear (Mos Def) and veteran safecracker John Bridger (Donald Sutherland) — can’t believe it when one of them turns out to be a double-crosser. Now the job isn’t about the payoff, it’s about payback!

Enter Stella (Charlize Theron), a beautiful nerves-of-steel safecracker, who joins Charlie and his former gang when they follow the backstabber to California, where they plan to re-steal the gold by tapping into Los Angeles’ traffic control system, manipulating signals and creating one of the biggest traffic jams in L.A. history!

A contemporary update of Paramount’s 1969 classic, “The Italian Job” features the ever-popular MINI Cooper in state-of-the-art chase scenes down Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, through the Metro Rail tunnels and down narrow escape routes only the MINI can go. Full of twists, turns and exciting stunts with armored cars, motorcycles and helicopters, this action-packed thrill-ride takes audiences on wild curves they’ll never see coming. ‚© Paramount Pictures

An incredible Venetian heist, great chase scenes, the canonization of the Mini Cooper and a likeable thief (Charlie) counterbalanced with a despicable thief (Frezelli). This is an escapist flick that most people will enjoy for the sheer implausibility of it!

Beliefs num
–People are likable; it is the devil in them you’ve got to watch.
–There are degrees of noble intent in the motives for robbery.
–There are degrees of honorability among themes.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–What are the artistic merits of this film?
–What elements common to human experience did you resonate with in this film?
–What elements in word, deed, theme or behavior created a dissonance with who you are or want to be spiritually?
–What does this film tell us abut who God is? Who humans are? What we are seeking in life?
–What, if any, are the ethical implications of rooting for the thieves? Why is this a universal phenomena in “heist” job movies?

Provocative Quotes byline
–Dad, you’re supposed to do you shopping after the job!
–Don’t talk about right and wrong with me because I don’t give a shot.
–God Charlie. I’m doing all this for a man I hardly knew.
–I liked him right up until the moment I shot him.
–You’ve got no imagination. You couldn’t even decide how to spend 35 million dollars on your own. You had to get what everybody else wanted.
==Charlie to Frezelli.
–I trust everyone. It’s the devil inside the person I don’t trust.
==Stella and dad both say this phrase.
–You know what “fine” means? Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional.
–I am The Napster!
–Yeah! Got the Holy Spirit!
==Lyle distracting crowd at airport.

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