The Holy One in Us, Ruling and Filling

I was raised in a tradition that emphasized God’s holiness, but generally defined that with moral connotations and equated holiness with separation from everything “unholy.” Thus, they encouraged us to withdraw from the world~holiness was defined as otherness and was evidenced by the things we did not do, not by who we essentially are becoming.

Jesus incarnation blew that concept to pieces, because  when Jesus become flesh, the “holy” resided in the stuff of human existence. The Essenes were 1st century separationists who removed themselves from the world by moving to the desert bluffs above the Dead Sea. It is important to note that Jesus was not withdrawn like an Essene, he was right in the thick of things in the public square,

It seems that we need a new understanding of holiness, and not surprisingly what we need is a return to the earliest understanding of holiness.

A.W. Tozer writes about true holiness in his book, I Call it Heresy.

“The word and idea of holiness as originally used in the Hebrew did not have first of all the moral connotation. It did not mean that God first of all was pure, for that was taken for granted! The original root of the word holy was of something beyond, something strange and mysterious and awe-inspiring. When we consider the holiness of God we talk about something heavenly, full of awe, mysterious and fear-inspiring.”

He goes on to describe holiness residing in us. “Now, this is supreme when it relates to God, but it is also marked in men and women of God and deepens as we become more like God.”

And then comes the real clincher. Tozer says, “Holiness is not a condition wrought in us. It is simply the Holy One in us ruling, filling.”

What the world needs is humans indwelt by the spirit of God, and such humans will carry with them the sense of the holy in the best and original sense of the word. When humans become “holy” it will look like wholeness and healthiness, and it will be winsome and desirable.


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  1. 042611 | Dick Staub on April 26, 2011 at 9:01 am

    […] When humans become “holy” it will look like wholeness and healthiness, and it will be winsome and desirable. Read More. […]

  2. Katie on April 26, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    A couple of days ago during my early morning musings I came to the same conclusion based on what I know and believe today and what I see happening in the world around us. This morning my husband and I were walking along a path on Sucia Island and I told him when I look back at the history of humanity and where we are today, we are moving towards a wholeness, healthiness that I don’t believe we can quite imagine at this time. But the glimpses are getting much broader than before. It can only happen through our relationship with God as individuals spilling into the collective universe.

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