The Deceits of Wealth

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The Deceits of Wealth

Tolstoy said, “if wealth is created by deceit such as trade that separates people or dishonest money handling or some other temptation, then this wealth, even if some has been given to charity, is much worse than any theft or robbery for which people are punished in a court of law.”

Does this refer to?
~ Credit extended to people who can’t really afford to buy a house?
~ Allowing that same person to refinance so they can buy a new car or the latest electronics, remodel or eat out more?
~ Borrowers who enter into such a transaction?
~ Companies manufacturing with cheap laborers who are working in unsafe, unhealthy conditions?
~ Consumers buying those products because they are cheaper, though they know about the sweatshops that produced them?
~ Corporate executives taking disproportionate salaries and benefits while cutting back health care benefits for their employees?
~ Stockholders celebrating great returns when they come on the back of inferior products, cheaply made by unethical manufacturers?
~Corporate officers and stockholders celebrating returns generated by executives and producers and artists creating dehumanizing media that exploits sex, violence and the worst in us?
~ Distributing that same media content to younger consumers, bypassing their parents in the process?
~ Unions that negotiate higher wages and benefits for workers in industries or with companies that are failing to produce results?
~ Charities that benefit from wealth created by any or all of the above?
~ Making money the desire of our heart, instead of first and foremost desiring to love God and each other more perfectly?

Does it refer to all of us?

Yours for the pursuit of God in the company of friends, Dick Staub.

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