The Core

Josh Keyes: Aaron Eckhart
Maj. Rebecca Childs: Hilary Swank
Dr. Edward Brazzelton: Delroy Lindo
Dr. Conrad Zimsky: Stanley Tucci
Rat: DJ Qualls
Sergei Leveque: Tcheky Karyo
The pilot : Bruce Greenwood
Stick: Alfre Woodard

Paramount Pictures presents a film directed by Jon Amiel. Written by Cooper Layne and John Rogers. Running time: 135 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for sci-fi life/death situations and brief strong language

Central Theme
Humanity’s destiny is tied up with the fate of the planet, which is ruled by the laws of nature harness-able for good or for evil by the real masters of the universe¢â‚¬¦scientists.

The Earth’s Core has stopped spinning and if we don’t do something about it the Earth will be consumed in flames as the electromagnetic field is penetrated by solar microwaves in less than a year . Professor Josh Keyes of University of Chicago teams up with the imperious Dr. Conrad Zimsky, and the iconoclastic, whacked-out Dr. Edward Brazzelton, and youngest and smartest ever astronaut Maj. Rebecca Childs, to journey to the center of the earth to try to get the Core spinning again. They travel in a craft that uses lasers to cut through any substance including rocks, but is resistant to heat, thanks to a new metal called unobtainium.

Along the way we’ll lose some crew members, do-bumper-sticker-meaning-of ¢€œlife-dialogue and cheer for the good guys. A campy, old-fashioned sci-fi feel allows this story to move through the implausible and impossible, offsetting the tension with humor. We also learn that just as science gets the core to spin again¢â‚¬¦it was science, as used by the military in Project Destiny, that stopped it spinning in the first place.

Because the film’s tone is somewhat self-mocking, we don’t expect this movie to deal seriously with end-of-world issues, but it is noticeable that the heroes are scientists and there is not a hint of God’s concern for the planet or ability to save it. So the questions raised are serious, (How will the world end? What would happen of the earth’s core stopped spinning? How vulnerable are we to the laws of nature? To whom do we turn in times of crisis?) and the treatment of answers is driven by entertainment values not insight.

Beliefs num
–Our fate is tied up with the fate of the planet on which we live.
–The planet is driven by laws of nature.
–Scientists can harness the laws of nature for good or for evil (project destiny)
–When you face a planetary crisis you should call on scientists not God.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–What do you resonate with in this movie?
–What are the points of dissonance for you?
–How do you think the world will end?
–What would happen of the earth’s core stopped spinning?
–How vulnerable are we to the laws of nature?
–To whom can we turn in times of crisis?

Provocative Quotes byline
–Do you have any idea who I am?
==Zimsky’s favorite off-putting line.
–I don’t know.
==The three words Zimsky never wants to say, but ultimately does.
–The core of the Earth has stopped spinning. Microwaves will literally cook our planet.
–I’ll put this as simply as I can. Everybody on earth is dead in a year.
==Josh Keyes
–It was project destiny. We killed the planet.
==Josh Keyes
–We Can’t.
==Josh Keyes when asked how we can fix it.
–50 Billion dollars.
==Brazzelton when asked what it would take to get his legendary ship ready in three months.
–Will you take a check?
==Reply of military commander.
–20 years in the desert makes you a prophet and a martyr.
==Zinsky to Brazzelton.
–You want me to hack the planet? I’m gonna need Xena tapes and hot pockets.
–You’re trying to save the world. It’s impossible. I’m just trying to save my wife and children.
==Sergei Leveque.
–Fate or God¢â‚¬¦Sergei died so we could live. (SIC)
–If you want to know what’s worth dying for¢â‚¬¦it’s this ship.
–It’s all just a best guess commander that’s all science is.
–Whoever goes into the core¢â‚¬¦is not coming back.
==Josh Keyes.
–Mankind’s greatest threat is earth itself.
==Movie trailer.

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