The Art of Storytelling: Easy Steps to Presenting an Unforgettable Story


John Walsh

Central Theme
Storytelling has become more important than ever, all of us are storytellers, but there are some very simple ways to improve your storytelling effectiveness.

The postmodern era has spawned a generation of ‘story thinkers’ who rely on story more than linear thinking. This books is written by a man who has stuttered all his life, was considered educationally challenged, and has become one of the most effective storytellers anywhere. The lessons he has learned and gleaned from others are explained in this book, with a goal of helping all of us become more effective in our storytelling.

Beliefs num
–There are fourteen steps towards developing an unforgettable story: finding, pushing through, envisioning the scene with present-day feelings and concerns, telling the story from the point of view of someone at the scene, establishing the story’s one central truth, finding a memory Hook, telling a story within a story, knowing when to ramble, planning your first words, knowing how it ends, researching the facts, eliminating needless details, adding descriptions that will bring life, audience participation and practicing.
–There are seven tools for presenting the story: imagination, facial expression, body movements, your voice, the pause, nervousness and confidence.

Questions Worth Discussing num
–Who is the best storyteller you know and what makes their stories so effective?
–What are the elements of a great story?
–What makes Garrison Keillor such a great storyteller?

Provocative Quotes byline
–Enhancing your storytelling skills will increase your ability to affect people you have not been able to reach before.
–Those who present an unforgettable story have taken time to prepare an unforgettable story.
–Memorize your first lines and tour last lines and ramble in between.
–Saying words must remain secondary to your first priority, which is to communicate your life and the life of the story.

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