Staublogs 2007

FALL 2007(September-December

Dick Staub: Year-End Update

The Joy and Camaraderie of Work Well Done

Ben Stein Christmas Commentary (2005)

The Golden Compass & Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials Trilogy”

Diary of an Old Soul. November 16 2007

The Quote Collector

Understanding Your Life Through Today’s Movies

Norman Mailer Is Dead

Where is Dick Staub?

Halo Church

Create Culture

Lost, Into The Wild & Your Spiritual Journey

Missing Madeleine L’ Engle

Music Savior Rick Rubin

Summer 2007 (June-August)
Music Savior Rick Rubin

The Artist as Creator Who Brings Order out of Chaos

Dublin to Normandy: A Few Reflections of a Seafaring Man!

Our Circuitous Route

Doug Marlette: Prophetic Cartoonist

The God Who Is Absent In Movies

Confessions of a Former Talk Show Host

A Daily Reader

Evan Almighty: God is Cute?

What is a Culturally Savvy Christian?

June 14: Lewis Trip-Two Berths Still Available!

Christopher Hitchens & The Diversionary Atheists

Spring 2007 (April-May)

Lindsay Lohan. Truth. Love & Celebrity.

On The Necessity of Music

The Caring Christian: A Culture War Casualty?

The Spiderman Dilemma

God: in a Build Your Own Deity Age

Your Invitation on a Trip Of A Lifetime: “On CS Lewis”: Staub. Gresham, Root. Hooper.

Transformation. Personal. Cultural. Church.

Lost. The Metaphor.

Johnny Hart. B.C.

Reading Cartoons

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