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Fame can be used to advance an important cause, but it has limits, as even superstar Bono (foto right) recently learned. He offered to perform with Jennifer Lopez at Supurbowl halftime. MTV, producer of the halftime extravaganza said yes, but the NFL said No. Was it because Bono represents a single issue or because AIDS is a downer? Here is what the NFL said, “We simply decided that we were going to deliver, as we do annually, an extremely entertaining halftime show. We don’t believe it’s appropriate to focus on a single issue.” NFL Spokesman.

Today’s political active Christians tend to be conservative, but at times are not aware of the end-game implications of their activism. Here’s some food for thought. In Iraq, the US is seeking compromise with a Muslim cleric, because they believe they must accommodate him to win favor. What is the nature of the cleric’s power and is it the type of power conservative Christians seek in American life? David Brooks argues that evangelicals will never truly engage the culture because we hold our beliefs so lightly. Chuck Colson hopes he is wrong. What do you think?
Compromise with Muslim Cleric
Brooks: Faith Hopping in America
Colson on faith Hopping

In this fast paced, frazzled world I find it fascinating that people are turning to the quiet (Retreat Centers) because they want to know if they can “fast for three days” and they feel their lives are “too filled with stuff.” Others are turning to classic music (Schumann) with his “ton of soul.” In an Exclusive Dick Staub Interview, Ravi Zacharias argues for a return to wonder. Yet others are satisfied with a faƒ§ade of the past like Disney’s planned community, “Celebration.”
Spiritual Retreats
Schumann: A Ton of Soul
Ravi:Recapture the Wonder
Disney Sells Celebration Town

Of course not everybody is into the reflective and moderated life as witnessed by the frenetic unedited Ryan Adams.
Ryan Adam’s Frenzied Riffs

Need a laugh? On the lighter side.
Streaker’s Lament

As we head into the weekend will you be in church? Here’s a favorite Rich Mullins quote: “For Rich, even an hour in a bad church was better than not going at all.” Jimmy Abegg,

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