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“I thought prayer was only for athletes and Grammy winners.” Homer Simpson

I recall back in the 70’s the pastor of a small New England Church saying, “little is much when God is in it.” Years later with marketized church growth, megachurches and “big-is-better,” I see more clearly the value of the small unheralded efforts like the perpetual prayers offered by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (foto right). Since 1878 without a break they have been praying, anonymous to everybody except God and the people advancing their prayer requests. Back in the 60’s E. F. Schumacher wrote a best-selling book titled Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if people mattered.” Ever notice that one of the first things growing churches jettison is the mid-week prayer meeting? Pastors observed that it was like pulling teeth to get busy people out in the middle of the week. Have we traded small gatherings of saints devoted to prayer for large but anemic churches?
Since 1878 Nuns Pray 24 Hours a Day

An aging Holocaust survivor and a youthful Rwandan find two people can make a difference.
Two People Fight Hate Across Cultures and Generations

George Barna reports that Christians have a higher divorce rate than the general population. If Christians were living-out our faith would a billion dollars be needed to promote marriage? Will it make a difference anyway?
One and Half Billion Dollars to Promote Marriage

In another “small is better move,” many Hollywood Stars are returning to the live stage. John Lithgow puts it this way, “A tiny fraction of the number of people may see you act, but you’re there with them. It’s the purest form of acting — it belongs to us and the audience. “
Stars Do Broadway: Despite Uncertainty and Low Pay

With the seeker oriented church offering to “meet felt needs,” is it any surprise a guy wants his donation back after it “didn’t make him feel better?”
Man Wants Church Donation Back

An intelligent show, by definition, may garner a smaller audience, but Frasier’s creators and actors were unwilling to compromise.
Good Night Seattle: Frasier will Be Missed

Few of us get to be part of something with artistic and spiritual integrity. What’s next for LOTR actors? One of My Favorites
“The sense of confidence and importance that comes from knowing you are working on something with integrity.” Sean Astin. Sam the Hobbit on what he’ll miss most about LOTR.
Life After Middle Earth

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